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Vialand Theme Park comes to mind when it comes to entertainment in Istanbul. Although only a few years have elapsed since its opening, the most important factor that has made the award-winning theme park so recognizable in the world and in our country is showing the units that attract the individual from each age group. With the shopping center and the showground under the same roof as the amusement park, Vialand has become a place where both the children’s families and the adrenaline buffs cannot give up.

Vialand, which opened its doors on May 26, 2013. The biggest feature of the complex, which covers a huge area of ​​600,000 square meters, is that it combines a theme park with a shopping mall and a show center. It is the first in the world to be recognized as one of Europe’s leading theme parks with its extensive entertainment and shopping facilities.

Designed to suit all ages and tastes, there are dozens of units suitable for children and adults, waiting for you to have a pleasant time in the huge entertainment section in terms of the space covered by the theme park in Vialand. Moreover, all of these units are designed so that disabled people can use them comfortably.

Outside of the entertainment areas, there is a shopping section measuring approximately 110,000 square meters. It consists of indoor and outdoor streets with 200 stores belonging to famous brands. In the shopping streets where you can travel by tram, you can also find eating and drinking areas and activities such as cinema, bowling alley, wellness center.

The demonstration area devoted to the building complex, concerts and cultural organizations is 10,000 capacity. This area is home to many domestic and foreign organizations during the year.

Vialand is located in Yeşilpinar District, which is connected to Eyüp District of Istanbul. You can go to the amusement park open from 10.30 am to 21.30 pm with your own car or you can take advantage of free shuttle buses or public transportation to get there. You can reach Vialand Amusement Park via TEM or E5.

If the capacity is limited by the quota, you can only get a ticket from the theme park’s free shuttle service. The services that provide transportation from 16 different points of Istanbul, starts at 10.00 in the morning. The service provided by a private company continues until the closing of the evening theme park.

If you choose to use public transport to Vialand, you can use the buses to Yeşilpinar from the central points like Şişli, Taksim, Eminönü.

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Within the theme park there are 29 different units dedicated to the fearless, children and families. A specific age and height limit has been set for all units. It is aimed at the guests to enjoy pleasant hours in safety.

Welcome Vialand Theme Park

  • Little Explorers

The Small Explosives section, which can be used with companions of 80 to 120 centimeters of paint, helps children learn the cultures of various countries of the world as they pass through the 160 meter long channels. Located in a spot near the entrance of the park, the kids get on a short world tour with their families, in boats waiting for them. Throughout the tour, kids from all corners of the world sing songs.

  • Fatih’s Dream

The Dream of Fatih took the voyage to the journey of time and took it back to the day that Istanbul was conquered; Istanbul’s secrets shed light on the city’s 400-thousand-year history with video mapping and hologram techniques.

First, you make a 7-8 minute presentation with the hologram technique. Later on, the boats get on board and the conquest of Istanbul is kept alive for about 8-9 minutes. This is one of the most popular parts of the park, so you might have to wait a few moments. Since a certain number of people have been shown in the hologram section, ordinary people are taken in groups in a certain number.

  • Safari Tunnel

The small corner of Safari Tunnel located at the corner of the park is another point where you can enjoy pleasant moments. Here you are getting on the waiting vehicles first and you shoot points with the laser guns and you earn points along the way. Male boys, especially at a young age, can enjoy it.

  • King Kong

One of the most popular spots in the park is King Kong. A section where children can have fun.


  • Crazy River

There are 2 watery units in Vialand where you can enjoy pleasant moments. One is Viking and the other is Crazy River. Due to the small size of the lodge you have to choose the Crazy River. This is a popular part of the park, so you need to wait a bit.

Crazy River

At the end of the queue you get on the round boats waiting for you and you drive along the waterway. Meanwhile, you need some luck in the Crazy River because some people can get wet while others are not getting wet at all.

  • Once Upon a Time in Istanbul

Once upon a time in Istanbul section takes you back in time. You can find the opportunity to taste unique tastes in shops that will be open during the wandering streets surrounded by the old houses of Istanbul and its fountains. You can also shop at the souvenir shops here. This is a slightly smaller street than the entertainment unit, the transit point.

  • Hero Firemen

In this section you are trying to hit the targets in the middle point by using the water pistols in the small vehicles you will be going to. When the red flames come out in the window in the middle point, you shoot at that point. A little wanderer is one of the spots leading to your likes.

Vialand offers entertaining sections for the traveler of all ages. There is plenty of choice, especially for younger travelers. Apart from the places mentioned above, the Saray Salincağı, the Carousel, the Colliding Otters, the Little Speed ​​Train, the Fairy Tale, etc. are nice places to take a little walk. Apart from these, at the corner of the park, next to the Safari Tunnel, at the Cartoon Network Stage, you get the opportunity to get together with the popular characters of Powerpuff Girls, Gumball and Adventure Time programs.

It’s the point that appeals to older visitors. There is a place in the park where at least as much children as adults can have fun. But I think the park is a little Paris Disneyland mood. So while the mainstream audience is young and middle-aged, there are also options for adults, but they are a bit more restricted than children.

  • Breathtaking

Breathtaking units that are designed to provide hours of fun to adrenaline and fearless people who are looking for adventure, which can be up to 140 centimeters in height and over 110 kilometers in 3 seconds. If you do not mind a speeding train, then you can try the Adventurer, which will take you up to 30 meters high at 80 kilometers per hour.


  • Viking

One of the two water units at Vialand Theme Park is the Crazy River, which can be a little wanderer, and the other is Viking. This unit is a little more full of action. Sometimes those who want to ride this unit can make long queues.

  • 360

You can prove that you are a true adrenaline enthusiast at 360, 28 meters up and upside down. This is one of Vialand’s most adrenaline-filled units after the Breathtaking.


  • The Justice Tower

The vertical line in the Tower of Justice takes you to a height of 50 meters and shows a little scene, and then brakes are released and you go down quickly.

The Justice Tower

  • Other Sections

Apart from the theme parks that appeal to all ages and enjoyment, there are areas in the shopping center that allow you to have a pleasant time. Adjacent to Vialand Lake, Adventure Land offers its guests various outdoor sports facilities. Jungle Istanbul, located on the entrance level of AVM, houses hundreds of exotic creatures within a 2,500 square meter area. Joy Park is a collection of entertainments ranging from bowling to 7D cinema, from video games to boots that fight.

Eating and Drinking at Vialand Theme Park

In Vialand, eating and drinking is as rich as any other entertainment and shopping possibilities. You can choose restaurants and stands in the shopping center if you want to be in the theme park while enjoying pleasant hours while your stomach is hungry.

You can find many street flavors and snacks, especially on the stands that are operating in the theme park area, including cigarettes, ice cream. Apart from the stands where you can get a chance to fill your stomach without getting away from the entertainment facilities, there are a couple of authentic looking restaurants and a cafe theme park where products such as baklava and lokum are sold.

The place where you have more choices for eating and drinking is the shopping center. It is possible to find menus for all meals, including breakfast, in the dining areas, which are all lined up on the streets. At the shopping center of the world famous coffee and fastfood chains, you can also consume your own cultural and culinary tastes like pide, pancake, döner.

Online ticket prices are more attractive than they are. So if you prefer the online sales channel while ticket prices are 129 Turkish Liras per ticket, you can buy tickets for a more reasonable fee like 76,99 TL. For tickets purchased via internet, you can read or print the barcode that comes to your e-mail address.

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