Best Fish Restaurants in Istanbul

The fish, which is both healthy and delicious, must be consumed at least once a week by everyone from small to large. The biggest benefits of the fish; helps protect the heart, strengthens the immune system and improves intelligence.

For those who love to eat fish, there is a very wide range of flavors in Istanbul. It is possible to find a fish restaurant according to every taste and every budget. There are many quality options for eating fish in Istanbul. Let us list some of them:


Sur Fish – Arnavutköy

Sur Balık is located in Arnavutköy, where fish restaurants are abundant, with dough fish, fried fish, chard wares, marinated sea bass with marinated mustard sauce and many other special tastes. One of Istanbul’s most popular neighborhoods, the restaurant offers a great opportunity to eat fish in the accompaniment of a breathtaking view of the Bosphorus.

Sur Fish is located in Arnavutköy

Istanbul has branches in Arnavutköy, Haliç, Cihangir and Sarayburnu, as well as branches in Ankara and Cappadocia.

Set Fish – Sarıyer

Set Balık, the adventure of Hacı Osman in 1967, started as a restaurant in the name of Nuzhet’s Place; In the ’70s, he continued adding fish flavors, lobsters and other unique flavors.

Set Fish is located in Sarıyer

In the 80s, in Silivri and Kireçburnu in two open branches named “Set Balık”, it keeps its place among the best fish restaurants by increasing its unique tastes every year. There are fish pizza, fish mackerel and mussels pilaki as well as main courses consisting of fresh fish.

Kiyi Restaurant – Tarabya

Another original fish restaurant in Istanbul, Kıyı has been enjoying traditional fish dishes, hot and cold mezes and fish lovers in Tarabya since 1964.

The Kıyı Restaurant, wooden panel ornaments and salonda decorated with a collection of photographs and paintings collected from Turkish artists welcomes guests in a warm club atmosphere.

Kiyi Restaurant is located in Tarabya

Kıyı Restaurant offers delicious tastes not only between fish and fish but also with meatball grill and steak grill options.

Fisherman Kahraman – Rumeli Kavağı

Balıkçı Kahraman is a fish restaurant which has been renowned both at home and abroad for its quality of work since 1996.

Fisherman Kahraman is located in Rumeli Kavağı

You have to go to Rumeli Kavagi for fish pan, shrimp and of course shield tandır. You can grill turbot whole and grill the shield with tandır.

Adem Baba – Arnavutköy

Beginning in the early 90’s on a small boat in Bebek, Adem Baba takes its place among the distinguished title restaurants.

In 1998 Adem Baba moved to the new place with the title of “Adem Baba Dalyan Fish”, continuing to serve five small lounges in Istanbul Bosphorus with the pleasure and encouragement of the customers.

Adem Baba is located in Arnavutköy

In addition to the restaurant, Adem Baba opened a branch in 2000 for the service of houses and opened a branch in a historical Greek house restored in 2002.

Adem Baba, which became a symbol of Arnavutköy with two cafes and a takeaway, There is a wide range of fish fans, from sodonian to anchovy.

Palukçu – Sehremini / Fatih

Palukçu, located in Çapa Sehremini, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul, brings together calamari, shrimp and mussel choices alongside 20 kinds of fish, such as anchovy, anchovy, mackerel, sea bass, salmon.

When you compare it to the famous fish restaurants in the Bosphorus, you will find it salty but very delicious. You can eat anchovies or mackerel in bread at Palukçu, cook the fish you want and also eat it at home.

Palukçu is located in Sehremini-Fatih

You should try the ancestral cigarette bream, bonito bushing, marinated sea bass, spinach and sea bass in the atmosphere of salty marshmallow parchment’s fishy, ​​blue-tinted sea. Halva is also on the menu.


Ismet Baba Restaurant

First served as a coffeehouse and then as a Yali Gazinosu, the place has been serving as Ismet Baba Restaurant since 1981.

İsmet Baba is located in İstanbul

The restaurant, run by the 3rd generation of the family since 1998, offers special tastes accompanied by a view of the Bosphorus in Kuzguncuk. Beside the fresh fish options, there are also a variety of fresh, leaf wrapped cold mezes at Ismet Baba Restaurant, which offers different delicacies such as fish pasta and brain pans.

Cibalikapı Fisher – Fashion

Cibalikapı Fisher, Historical Fashion Pier is located on the landing site of the old tavern culture. Behzat Şahin, the owner and founder of Cibalikapı Fisher, has opened this restaurant offering these special delicacies after 18 years of journalism.

Cibalikapı Fisher is located in Fashion

Cibalikapı Fisher, which has branches in Golden Horn and Moda, draws attention with its fresh fish varieties as well as its graves. Hot and cold meals such as fish salads, crawling, dried tomato wrap, grilled mussels with parsnets are getting fake from recipes based on the palace.

There is also a book where Cibalikapı Balıkçısı shares Turkish and English recipes. Cibalikapı Fisher’s book, which appeared in the 10th year, contains 130 different descriptions.

Eftalya Fish – Şaşkınbakkal

Eftalya Fish, located in the first branch of Arnavutköy and the other branch of Şaşkınbakkal, has been serving fish enthusiasts for years with the slogan of “flavor, warmth, elegance” to their fish enthusiasts.

The restaurant, established by 5 partners, has been serving as a chef and owner of famous fish restaurants. Fish soup before main dish, grilled fish soup served with oiled garlic sauce, seafood crepes and calamari stuffed fish are among the specialties of Eftalya Fish.

Eftalya Fish is located in Şaşkınbakkal

In addition to the classical desserts eaten after the fish, the home baklava, which is brought from Gaziantep specially, is on the menu for sweet lovers. Those who do not like seafood can also opt for red meat options in the menu.

Misina Fish – Fenerbahçe

Misina is a fish restaurant that stands out with its unique recipes. You can taste special delicacies such as eggplant eggplant rolls and octopus pancakes only in Misina Fish.

Misina Fish is located in Fenerbahçe

The cooks of Misina Pisces in Ayvalik Cunda Island where you can find cold and hot meals of Crete, Rum and Aegean cuisine together in Istanbul. Misina Fish has been serving for years in Fenerbahçe Dalyan with the decoration between the classical fish restaurants and the garden between the centuries-old pine trees and the indoor hall.

According to the season, the only places where you can find Aegean herbs such as goose legs, donkeys, artichoke salads, Misina fish kebabs and Aegean herring are all waiting for Misina Fish goers and of course new fish lovers.

Bebek Fisherman – Pendik Marina

Bebek Fisher, who has been serving in Bebek for 19 years, has been transported to Bebek Fisher’s investor and owner Ertuğrul Karabulut and his son Cem Karabulut to Pendik Marina.

Bebek Fisherman is located in Pendik Marina

Vegetables and fruits are washed with organic juice and purified from pesticides and converted into special grapes, the restaurant offers the most delicious dishes of the fish.

You can choose both the mezeler and the daily fish in the Bebek Balıkçı, and you can eat in the view of the Island. You can try the special flavors of Bebek Balıkçı such as Armenian pilaf, Crete paste, fish pastırma, topik, tabule, octopus, carpaccio, fish liked.

Çatana Fish – Suadiye

Istanbul has been hosting fish lovers since 2001, in the vicinity of Anatolia, on the Suadiye coast, accompanied by the view of Çatana Fish shore. In addition to special main dishes such as salt fish grill, turtle pie, fish in milk, besides mackerel stuffed, sea bass beef, fish pizza, there are also different tastes.

Çatana Fish is located in Suadiye

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