Istanbul Travel Guide for Russians

A unique holiday and enjoyable travel in Istanbul, the historical center of the world, attracts the attention of tourists coming from Russia. In Istanbul, we tried to sort the beautifull places that the Russians were interested the most in their travel guide and we prepared for you. Here’s the Istanbul travel guide for Russians;

Istanbul Travel Guide for Russians

We will first talk to airport about which the Russia would prefer come to Istanbul and how to reach them from here.

Firstly, the newly opened this year, Istanbul Airport. Airport is located on the European side and have easily transport by bus. You can reach Istanbul Airport by using Havaist services and IETT buses.

Another airport option is Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Airport is located on the Anatolian side and reachable this airport by public transport, subway, airport services and taxi options.

Istanbul travel guide for Russians, continues to exhibit the touristic places to see.


  1. Bosphorus Bridge

It is also known as inc the pearl of the Bosphorus ile with its elegant architecture that provides highway transportation between Asia and Europe. Although there is no trip to the Bosphorus bridges, it is definitely a place to be seen.


  1. Rumeli Fortress

You can go and see our historical building from the Ottoman period for a weekend breakfast. During the conquest of Istanbul, it stuck to the rope from the Anatolian Fortress. Many Cüneyt Arkın Yeşilçam movies were even shot here. There are many places around the Bosphorus.


  1. Yedikule Fortress

It is one of the oldest open-air museums in Istanbul. However, it has been renovated by the Ministry of Tourism for 3-4 years and is still closed to visitors. The Yedikule Fortress, also known as the Yedikule Dungeons, became a historic venue for concerts, events and various events.


  1. Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre Loti came to Istanbul, Eyüp district in those years had a coffee place. The name of this place with the view of the Golden Horn is known as Rabia Women’s Coffee House. In the intervening time, she falls in love with the woman whom she named her novel. In fact, it is said that this woman named Aziyade who is married to a man from Salonika made Loti a regular. Loti’s interest in the Turks and Aziyade story since then that coffee has been called Pierre Loti coffee and the hill where it was called Pierre Loti hill.


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