Istanbul Travel Guide for British

Holiday and travel in Istanbul, the center of the world, attracts the attention of tourists coming from the UK. In Istanbul, we tried to sort the places that the British were interested and visited the most in their travel guide we prepared for you. Here’s the Istanbul travel guide for British;

Istanbul Travel Guide for British

We will first talk to the airport about which the British would prefer to come to Istanbul and how to reach them from here.

Firstly, on March 3, 2019, the newly opened Istanbul Airport is located on the European side. Istanbul airport is easily accessible by bus. You can reach Istanbul Airport by using both IETT and Havaist buses. Another transportation option is to use a taxi. Taxis provide service at the airport and provide easy access to the desired location.

Another airport option is Sabiha Gökçen Airport located on the Anatolian side. You can reach the airport by public transport, subway, airport shuttles and taxi options.

Istanbul travel guide for British, continues to exhibit the touristic places to see.


Spice Bazaar

The Spice Bazaar is located in Eminonu, behind the Yeni Mosque and next to the Flower Market. It is one of the oldest covered bazaars in Istanbul. In this market, which is famous for its transference, there are still products suitable for the old tradition such as natural medicines, spices, flower seeds, rare plant roots and shells; nuts, delicatessen products, different food items are sold.


Grand Bazaar

Beyazıt is one of the largest and oldest grand bazaar in the world, located in the middle of the Nuruosmaniye and Mercan districts. The Grand Bazaar 30 thousand 700 square meters, up to 66 streets, up to 4 thousand shops, almost like a city, covered with the whole of this site has evolved over time. Until recently, there were 5 mosques, 1 school, 7 fountains, 10 wells, 1 sebil, 1 fountain, 24 gates, 17 khans.


Sultanahmet Mosque

One of the important works of the 17th century, the Blue Mosque is known as a masterpiece of Mimar Sinan, built within the understanding of its structure. After Sinan, the architect Sedefkâr, who took up the torch of Turkish architecture, rose in the hands of Mehmet Ağa. On 6 July 2017, the Blue Mosque Restoration Application started by the 1st Regional Directorate of Foundations.


Sura Hotels

The best location in Istanbul is located in Sultanahmet, Sura Hotels 5 star Istanbul Hotel. Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel and Sura Design Hotel are two of the most popular hotels in Sura.

Sura Hotel airport transport to provide you with a shuttle service to Istanbul which is one step ahead of you. By staying in Sura Hotel, you can enjoy a comfortable transportation and a comfortable holiday process to most of the tourist attractions mentioned in our travel guide.


Ayasofya Museum

Hagia Sophia is one of the most spectacular buildings in the history of world architecture. The history of Hagia Sophia dates back to Constantine. The emperor wants to build a large church in the city, and a 360-degree basilical church covered with wood is built. However, in 404, this church was burned and destroyed as a result of the popular uprising. Then the second church, Emperor II. It was built in 415 by Theodosios. The second church was destroyed in 532 by the Nika Rebellion. The Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque as one of the first works in the city after Fatih Sultan Mehmet took the city. At the request of Mustafa Kemal, on 1 February 1935, Hagia Sophia was turned into a museum and opened for the visit of local and foreign tourists.


N-Terrace Restaurant

N Terrace Restaurant aims to make its guests from all corners of the world happy with its cuisine blended with Eastern and Western delicacies. It enables you to experience both the ethnic texture and the delicious tastes of the Historic Peninsula with landscape and quality.

The N terrace offers you the opportunity to see Istanbul in a panoramic view, and also allows you to watch the Hagia Sophia Museum and the Blue Mosque with a magnificent view. N-Teras Sura Hotel is an incomparable beauty restaurant.


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