Istanbul Naval Museum, Besiktas, Istanbul

Istanbul Naval Museum is located on the seafront in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul and it is the largest museum on maritime in Turkey. The museum is among the special museums in that its monuments and collection diversity. In this museum, you can see 20,000 monuments on display. It is affiliated to Turkish Naval Forces Command and at the same time, it is the first military museum in Turkey.

If you want to visit different vessels, boats and marine products and witness the adventure of them until today, you can add the Naval Museum to your list.

The museum is a very rich museum in terms of antiques and valuable items. It was firstly made in 1897 with the order of Hasan Hüsnü Pasha who was the minister of Bahariye within a small building in Kasımpaşa with the name of Museum and Library Administration. The museum, which was opened as a museum store in the early days, has been scientifically reorganized in 1914 thanks to the reforms of Cemal Pasha. With the initiative of Lieutenant and artist Ali Sami Boyar, it was prepared a ship model workshop to product Turkish ships and a moulage manikin workshop to make manikins. The content of the museum has always getting richer.

istanbul naval museum

During World War II, the monuments were moved to Anatolia for protection. In 1961, Naval Museum Exhibition was moved next to the Turkish Chief Admiral Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha Monument and his tomb in Beşiktaş Pier Square. The museum restored recently welcomes visitors actively at the same place.

The main exhibition building has 3 floors, 4 large saloons and 17 rooms with exhibition area.

Among the things you can see in the museum are sultanate boats, naval officer’s clothing, manuscripts, ship models, starboards, maps and portals, bridges and armors, navigational tools and weapons. You can buy many products as a memorial of the day with the sale stand of souvenirs in this museum. There is also a playground for children at the entrance. At entrance, there is an educational playground and souvenir section for small age groups.

Istanbul Marine Museum: Monuments

The Naval Museum is a very rich museum in that its collections. There are over 20 thousand objects exhibited in the halls whose saloons are named with the wind directions. Among the works you can see in the museum are Atatürk’s articles, historical boats, pictures, ship models, weapons, maps, armors and monsters, navigational tools, lanterns, uniforms, engraving and medals, coins, stamps and seals, photographs, as well as tombstones, inscriptions, stone print forms, charters, rescripts and writing works, ship head figures, as well as furniture, watches, amphora and diving suits, shipyards, plaques and bells.

The museum is also home to 14 sultanate boats that arrive today around the world. Among other important works which attract attention are 3 boats that Atatürk used in Floaria Kiosk, the world’s oldest and original galley. In the boats belong to the Padishah, there are weapons and war material motifs, while the boats belong to the harem include mostly fruit, leaf and flower motifs. The sultanate boats belong to Ottoman Empire are gorgeous and magnificent, contrarily, the boats belong to the Republican era are modest and functional.

Naval Museum: Entrance Fee and Visiting Hours

In this museum, there is not available museum card entrance. The prices:

Adult: 7.5 TL

Student: Free

The museum is not open at Christmas, the first day of religious festivals and Mondays. But on weekdays, you can visit the museum between 09:00-17:00 pm hours.

istanbul naval museum

Where Is The Naval Museum And How To Go?

Deniz Müzesi Address: Sinanpaşa Street, Beşiktaş Avenue. No: 33, Beşiktaş / Istanbul

Phone: 0212 327 43 45

Ferry: You can use the ferry and motorboat from Üsküdar and Kadıköy to go to the Naval Museum. Then you can reach the museum after walking about 2 minutes.

Bus: There are many bus alternatives to reach Beşiktaş Square. 22 Dereici-Kabataş, 22 RE Fatih Sultan Mehmet-Kabatas, 25 E Sarıyer-Kabatas, 25 G Sarıyer-Taksim, 26 Eminönü-Dikilitaş-Yenikapi, 26 A Fulya-Eminonu, 26 B Gayrettepe-Eminonu, 27 E Şirintepe-Eminönü , 40 Rumelifeneri-Taksim, 40 T Istinye-Taksim, 42 T Bahçeköy-Taksim, 62 Kagithane-Kabatas, DT 1 and DT 2 Ortakoy-Taksim. With these busses, you can reach the Beşitaş Square and go to this museum by walking.

By Car: If you pass through Anatolian side, you need to turn to Beşiktaş direction after the 15th July Martyrs Bridge and turn right after Barbarous Boulevard.

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