Grand Bazaar – Istanbul Where and How to Go

Most of the foreign visitors and even native peoples of Istanbul are thinks that Grand Bazaar is one of the most magical place in Istanbul.

Here is a gigantic labyrinth with 67 streets and over 3000 stores. You don’t need directions or maps while you travel on this streets with historical smells.

Visiting dozens of streets, taking a look on hundreds of showcases and getting lost on streets are your obligations.In shortly , you are going to have enjoy when you get lost in there.


Where is Grand Bazaar? How to go there ?

Grand Bazaar has a main entrance and an exit.The Main Street is between these two gates and it called “Kalpakcilar Street”.

This street locatiated at south part of Grand Bazaar and usually has jewelry , gift and spice stores. The most enjoyable way for coming to bazaar is Nurosmaniye Street.

On this road you can see a lot of coffee shops, stylish restaurants and stores. At the end of this street you will pass from Nurosmaniye Mosque’s courtyard. This Mosque is the first one with baroque style in Ottoman.


What’s selling in Grand Bazaar?

You can find carpets leathers antique stores hookah gold jewelry copper silver cotton and woolen, towels, natural soaps and etc..

With a carefully search you can find domestic and natural products. Some of the carpets are really high quality Turkish Carpets but some of them are fake and coming from India, Pakistan or China. Choosing real Turkish Carpet needs a expertness. 

When it was built and how?

Ottoman Turks were started to build mosques palaces and bazaar after they conquered Constantinople in 1453.

Even today when you get in to this historical bazaar, you’ll directly notice that the ceilings and walls are different from rest of the bazaar.

For centuries, Grand Bazaar was expanded in need and finally until today it reached to the current gigantic capacity.

You can see very interesting antique watches, maps and daggers if you visit the Old Bazaar.

Does local people do shopping from Grand Bazaar?

It’s the most frequently asked question to tour guides from tourists. Of course Istanbul has a lots of shopping centers in in international standards and it’s possible to meet all needs from these malls where all kind of domestic and foreign brands are located.

Grand Bazaar has a traditional design so you can find lots of different kind of golden necklaces, wristbands and rings which are made by master craftsman hands.

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