How to Enter in Museums in Istanbul?

Istanbul, the city of culture and history, is a big place where has been a home for many civilizations during centuries. There are so many traces of the history and masterpieces left by great artists in each and every corner and that’s exactly the answer to the question “Why are there so many museums in Istanbul?

Istanbul museums which are among the best ones in the manner of history and culture in Europe, welcome thousands of visitors every year. And we are here to talk about the best and easiest way of entering to those museums if you are a foreigner Istanbul.

Museum Pass is the easiest and the cheapest way to enter in all museums in Istanbul!


Topkapı Palace, Istanbul Archeology Museum, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum, The Museum of Great Palace Mosaics, Miniatürk, Chora Museum, Sakıp Sabancı Museum and Rahmi Koç Museum are the first ones to mention amongst all. You can enter in each museum paying separately each time but that would be expensive and time wasting because of the long lines in front of the ticket kiosks.

So what is there to mention about Museum Pass? Museum Pass is the card that enables you to enter to all Istanbul museums related to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkish Republic. It gets easier the entrances for the foreigner visitors in Istanbul and lets you to enter at once, without waiting in the line and it also saves your money.


Which Museum is Valid for the Museum Pass?

Museum Pass Istanbul card enables you to have free entrance at Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapı Palace Museum and Seraglio, Hagia Irene Monument, Istanbul Archeology Museum, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, The Museum of Great Palace Mosaics, Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam, Chora Museum, Galata Mawlavi House Museum, Fethiye Muesum, Rumeli Fortress and Yıldız Palace.


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