How to Enjoy Kadıköy? Where to Go And What To Eat!

Kadıköy is actually had one of the oldest myths about the Istanbul and is also known as the Chalcedon or the ”city of the blind”. According to a legend, Megarians living in today’s Greece decided to found the new city under the Byzas reign. But the problem was they didn’t know where to settle and went to an oracle for his opinion and advice. Oracle of Delphi told them about an area across the land of the blind and advised them to build their city in that area. After the Byzas ride their ships to the Sarayburnu, they were fascinated by the view and saw that some people settled at the across, in the Kadıköy. After that, the emperor thought that the oracle must be right and these people must be blind because of not settling in here.

Kadıköy is among the busiest areas in Istanbul with its sightseeing, famous bull statue, its Fenerbahçe fans, elite restaurants, cool pubs, and everything. Since it is a county special for the Fenerbahçe, (the stadium is built here) you shouldn’t be surprised if you see so many yellow and blue colors. In this unique area, you can see many meyhane’s (ale house) with special Turkish drink, Rakı. From the Pier to the Bahariye, from Moda to the pubs. Kadıköy is among the best places for a weekend ramble.


But, in order to help you find your way in this beautiful area, we have prepared you a special what to do list:

  • By eating ice cream or Sahlep with ice cream from Ali Usta in Moda.
  • Having a mouth-watering hamburger menu from the Moda Kırıntı.
  • Having a tea in the special ‘ajda’ glass at the Moda Tea Garden, Kemal’in Yeri.
  • Buying a CD or record from the Zihni, inside of the Akmar Passage.
  • Eating a ‘Griye’ in Baylan.
  • Having a nostalgic tour from Kadıköy to Moda.
  • By tasting the magnificent tastes of Çiya’s traditional cuisine or kebabs.
  • Watching the movies of the week from the symbolic cinema of Kadıköy, Rexx Cinema.
  • Paying a visit to the Karga at the Bar’s street and have a cold beer or a hot wine.
  • By looking something economically at the Telalzade street from the antique vendors.
  • Having a good meal from Istasyon Restaurant at Haydarpaşa Station.
  • Watching the lovely sunset while having a beer or coffee on the Deniz Atı Restaurant which is situated on top of the Beşiktaş Pier.
  • By feeling the aliveness of the Kadıköy while taking a walk from Altıyol to the Bahariye.
  • Exploring the little shops at the Artist’s Street.
  • Of course, eating a waffle in the Moda.


  • Having a glass of wine from the world famous Victor Levi’s garden.
  • Watching a Fenerbahçe football match with chips and beer among the fans.
  • Exploring the third wave coffee shops in the Kadıköy.
  • Making a joyful walk at the fall in the Kadıköy.



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