House of Books in Istanbul: Kadıköy Akmar Passage

Akmar Passage, a place where various cafes and music markets exist before the 1999 earthquake, is one of the places frequented by young people and especially students.

In the meantime, you can find many old books at suitable prices in the passage, which usually have two music stores and where students often come to buy their course books. The most important feature that distinguishes Akmar Passage from other passages in Kadıköy is that the archives of this passage are much richer than others.

There are not only are the bibliopoles, but also a few music stores where you can find old records and albums in the passage. Some bookcases in the passage also allow for book exchanges through barter. You can also sell your second hand books and you can make room for your new books.

Undoubtedly, Kadıköy Akmar Passage is so busy in the first weeks of the schools. Because parents are looking for books in the bibliopoles in the first week of the schools, the passage is so crowded.


Kadıköy Akmar Passage: Book Prices

Kadıköy Akmar Passage, which has many booksellers selling both old and new books, offers different choices to its customers in terms of book prices. Moreover, you can find not only Turkish books but also English books in the passage.Its possible to find both old books and the books which is out of print and hard to find in the passage. It is possible to find many primary and high school textbooks, and also first hand or second hand books from the Akmar Passage.

There are many different bookstore options that you can find every kind of books.One of these is Nadir Bookstore. In this shop located on the entrance level of the passage is possible to find a lot of books in the field such as literature, law, Ottoman, art, health, society and politics. The greatest feature of the Nadir Bookstore is that you will find here some of the rarely printed books or books that have become extinct as understood by their name.

The Antik-Ruha Bookstore, also on the entrance floor, is located in the passage 62/27 B. Here, there is a great deal of choice among antique and second hand books.80% of the books in the Işık Bookstore located on the ground floor of Akmar Passage are novels, and the rest are college textbooks, stories and English textbooks.

In addition to the textbooks, Social Book & Antiquarian bookstore has cultural books, novels, encyclopedias and foreign language books.Sevgi Bookstore mainly sells university preperation books.In addition to these, it also sells novels.


Akmar Passage: Music Shops

Atlantis Music Shop located in Akmar passage is a place where you can easily find every type of music in Turkey. In the shop, there is a very large archive from 1964 The Beatles recordings to nowadays. As you enter the passage, if you want to buy record, cassette or CD, the second address you can visit is Zihni Music Center.Hammer Music, which is also located in Akmar Passage has its own martial arts products as well as a wide range of alternate music archives.Hammer Music is also engaged in music production and small-scale concert organizations.

Akmar Passage: Working Hours

Akmar Passage is open every day of the week between 09.00 and 21.00.If you are interested in wandering among the books as well as reading book, we recommend you to start shopping at 12.00 am because you can not realize how fast the time has passed.

Where is the Akmar Passage?

The Akmar Passage is located at Kadıköy, walking distance from the seaside.

Address: Caferağa St. Mühürdar Avenue, No.70, Kadıköy

How to go to the Akmar Passage?

Tramway: It is possible to come here with the Kadıköy-Moda nostalgic tramway. And you need to get off at the İskele Camii station.

Metro: By M4 Kadıköy – Kartal metro, you can walk about 300 meters to reach Kadıköy.

Bus: The bus stop which is closest to Akmar Passage is Iskele Bus Stop. It is possible to reach the passage with all the buses going from Kadıköy to both directions.

Ferry: You can use all the ferries and motors departing from Beşiktaş, Eminönü and Karaköy to Kadıköy.

Metrobus: You can reach the passage by taking a minibus or bus after getting off at the Söğütlüçeşme bus station.If you want to walk, You need to walk 1,5 km.

Private car: After passing the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge, you can reach here using the O-1 highway.

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