Hidiv Kasrı With Its Unique View

The Hidiv Kasri was built in 1907 on Cubuklu backs by Abbas Hilmi Pasha who Egyptian Hidivi (head vizier).

With the departure of Abbas Hilmi Pasha from Istanbul in the 1930s, the mansion was purchased by the municipality and was left unused and idle until 1982. The mansion, which started to serve as a restaurant and cafe in 1984 with restoration works started in 1982, is now operated as a cafe and restaurant by BELTUR and can also host collective organizations such as weddings.

Hidiv kasri is in the Istanbul

It is definitely a place for those who want to have a nice breakfast in Istanbul and sip a coffee while watching the unique scenery because it is architectural, scenic and greenery. It is a unique corner that we can definitely recommend to those who want to make a trip to Istanbul’s recent history and spend a nice weekend.

Where is ‘Hidiv Kasrı’ and How To Get There

Hidiv Kasrı is in Beykoz, on the back of Çubuklu. After reaching Kanlıca for transportation to Hidiv Kasrı, a five, ten minute walk will be enough. Those who want to come with a personal vehicle can follow the coast road of Üsküdar-Beykoz and come to Kanlıca comfortably.

For access to Hidiv Kasrı from the European side, it is possible to see the signboards of Hidiv Kasrı if the first exit is reached after passing the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. If they want to go to Hidiv Kasrı by bus, they can go up to the stop of Kanlıca by using the buses going from Üsküdar to Beykoz.

Hidiv Kasrı Breakfast Prices and Breakfast Times

At Hidiv Kasrı breakfast is served on a weekdays basis and spread, it is possible to take advantage of open buffet at the weekend.

Weekdays: 09: 00-14: 00

Spread Breakfast: 25 Turkish Liras per person

Weekends: 09: 00-13: 00

Open Buffet Breakfast: 35 Turkish Liras per person

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