Hidden Paradise in Istanbul: Ağva!

For those who want to spend private time with nature, Ağva is promising infinite peace. Best season to explore this paradise very close to the Istanbul is the Fall.

Ağva, the first preference of those who want to do a weekend away with its proximity to Istanbul, attracting everyone with its peaceful environment. The area is surrounded by the sea from its three sides and it is currently the best option for those who want to just have a peace of mind. Ağva with different beauties at every season, approximately 100 kilometers away from Istanbul. Ağva is surrounded by Göksu and Yeşilçay rivers. You can just go to the Ağva with your car from the autobahn and if you don’t want to use your car or don’t have one, you can just go by public transportation from Üsküdar.

Ağva Travel Guide

If you go to this heaven which is famous for its scenic beauty, you should definitely visit Hacılıköy and Kalemköy too. Kalemköy is a fascinating village with its old structures and church stones from the ancient Rome era. Apart from that, Hacılıköy has a mysterious Gürlek Cave which attracts most of the tourists to the village. If you are not a ”village-person”, you can just go to the Saklıgöl, which is very close to the area, and have an awesome picnic or breakfast in its ever-green nature.

İstanbulda saklı bir cennet: Ağva

Activities for Ağva

Doing some trekking and jungle trekking will be good not only for your body but also for your soul. You can immortalize many photos that you are going to take on this trip. Because of that, before going to Ağva and Saklıgöl, one must definitely take their photograph machine. In the area which has many stores that rent bikes, it would be a good alternative to rent a bike and have a nice trip with your earphones or the sound of nature on. There are also many fish restaurants in this fertile land. Ağva, which is assertive about the fish, can fascinate you with something another: its Turkish style side dishes.

On the lake of Göksu, you can do some pedalo activity or canoeing or just a boat tour. You can try one of these impressive activities to get some fun on the water.
İstanbulda saklı bir cennet: Ağva
Apart from that, if you happen to by a camper and tent enthusiast, it is important to say that it is also a popular area for camping. Kilimli Parkour is one of the most prominent places of tent enthusiasts with its exceptional nature and free camping places. Kilimli is offering you a peaceful holiday with its natural bays and relaxation guaranteed atmosphere.

But if you skip the fall season and want to go there in Summer, the Mushroom Festival is another different experience for newcomers. The festival, during which there is a process of collecting natural mushrooms and then receiving information from different gourmets about them, is definitely an extraordinary activity.  You can also find many organic foods and items in Ağva too!

So, why are you waiting for?

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