Hidden Gem of Florya: Florya Atatürk Sea Mansion

Florya Atatürk Sea Mansion is built during the Atatürk era by the Municipality of Istanbul as a gift to him. Atatürk, who is the first president of the Turkish Republic, was keen on about the Florya area and went there often. After the authorities noticed that, the municipality decided to build a special mansion and give it as a gift to him. It is 70 meters away from the sea and stands on the stakes that had been buried inside the sea.

Inside of the mansion, there are bedrooms, a library, a bathroom and a public room for the guests. Today the mansion is inside the area which is called as the Florya Atatürk Forest.

Information About the Florya Atatürk Sea Mansion

The mansion is among the places that you should add to your visiting list when you are planning a visit to Florya. If we have to mention its history, Atatürk Sea Mansion was built in 1935 by the architecture Seyfi Arkan. The mansion was handed over to Mustafa Kemal by that date’s mayor to the Atatürk. Today it is being used as a local park and it definitely catches a popularity with its visual feast. Around the mansion, there are numerous restaurants that can help you to live the moment and enjoy the time in this beautiful nature. Moreover, all the restaurants located in Florya are dedicated to serving best tastes to its visitors.

Since it is a half museum and half public park, you can see one of the secret places that Atatürk enjoyed. And the entrance fees are quite cheap. For adults, it is only 2.50 TL while it is just 1 TL for discounted people. The mansion is open from 09:00 am to 17:00 pm all the days of the week.

If you want to smell the air of Florya and pay a visit to one of the Atatürk’s favorite places, you can just take the buses that go to the Ataköy – Şirinevler from our Sultanahmet hotel, Sura. If you want to spend an extra time in Florya, you can visit Istanbul Aquarium and Florya Social Complex too.

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