Harbiye Military Museum: Transportation, Entrance Fee and Visit Hours

Harbiye Military Museum is located in the Harbiye district of Istanbul. The Harbiye district name comes from that it was used as the Military Academy in the last period of the Ottoman Empire. The academy where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk graduated too collects and classifies the works in the scope of military cultural assets today; after performing the restoration of these materials, they are exhibited with contemporary methods, warehouses and arches.

In this context, approximately 5000 of the 55,000 objects are sold in the museum’s military command site. When you go to this museum, you can also watch janissary band concerts of Janissary Band Union Command, which is the oldest band in the world. You can separate a day for military objects, Atatürk’s and your classmates’ classrooms, old documents and janissary band recitals at the Harbiye Military Museum in Istanbul.

Information about the Harbiye Military Museum

The foundation of the Harbiye Military Museum which is a quite old museum, dates back to the 15th century. At the time it had a lot of artifacts in its place, some of the objects were moved to the Tiled Pavilion. In this way also it lead to the opening of Istanbul Archeology Museum. The first monuments of the museum was opened to visit in Aya Irini. They stayed here until 1940.  The museum could not keep on its activities during WW II. The museum became active again after the risk of war had disappeared. It started to be repaired and restored in 1966 due to the fact that it could not meet the visitor’s needs. After the restoration, it was opened to visit in February 10, 1933. Its cinemas, libraries, publications and janissary band are modern and suitable for today’s understanding of museology.

The history of the building where the works are exhibited today is also old. This construction from the Ottoman period was built in 1841.It firstly served as a Military Academy. But later, in 1853, it was reduced to ash in a fire. It was reconstructed within 10 years and continued to provide education and training in 1863 as the Military Academy.

He has a reputation as an institution where talented and patriotic soldiers are raised. The place has been in restoration since many commanders used it for different purposes. In 1993, he began to serve as a display building for the military museum and to welcome the visit.

Harbiye Military Museum: Sections

There are many areas where you can visit the museum. These areas have been expanded in 2000 with the addition of new sections. In the exhibition corridor, there are so many professional tables built by pupils of the military school. In addition, the cups and medals won from the sports competitions in the military academy are also open to visitors.

You can see the first basketball cup won at the Harbiye Military Museum. Numerous photographs that bring light on the history of the military, Ataturk’s many objects, clothes of soldiers, weapons, rosaries and tables are among the thing you can see there.

After the establishment of the Military Academy in Ankara, the building in Istanbul Harbiye was used by many commanders for different purposes.


Military Museum: Janissary Band

Harbiye Military Museum is different from other museums in that its different concept and rich argument. In addition every day, an event is carried out by a concert of Janissary Band Union Command which is the oldest band in the world. Therefore, you can both tour the museum and enjoy the concert.

Janissary Band takes the stage also in many events in Turkey on the important days of the year. You can watch the demonstrations of the janissary band team, which is held between 15: 00-16: 00 each day when the Harbiye Military Station is open.

History of the Janissary Band

There is an important reason why the janissary band gives concert every day at the Harbiye Military Museum. This is because the strong relationship between janissary band and Turkish army. It is known that many musical instruments in Turkish military units even in the BC. In the Göktürk inscriptions, it is talked about the tuğ teams, which are accepted as janissary band.


The janissary band which was a mission that supports and encourages the army as it went to wars, is known as an element that does not separate from the army in this sense. The drum, flag and tuğ tradition spread to all Islamic world as a symbol of sovereignty. The ritual of supporting soldier initiations with enthusiastic drums and strong rhythms has continued to be practiced in the armies of many Turkish states, starting with the Huns until today.

Harbiye Military Museum: Entrance Fee and Visit Hours

The Harbiye Military Museum is open between 9: 00-17: 00 hours. However, apart from the first day of religious holidays and the first day of the New Year, it is also closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

For information about the entrance fee, you can call this number: 0212 233 27 20The janissary band concert is free to watch.

How to Go the Harbiye Military Museum

Transportation to the Harbiye Military Museum is quite easy. The museum is located in the Harbiye district of Istanbul, where you can travel comfortably with different means of transportation and your personal car.

Bus: With DT 2 Ortaköy-Dereboyu, 32 T Cevatpaşa-Taksim, 89 C Başakşehir-Taksim, 79 M Kayaşehir-Mecidiyekoy, 54 E Okmeydani-Eminönü, buses, you can reach the museum by getting off at the Harbiye Military Museum stop.

Metro: You can reach the military museum after walking about 10 minutes by getting off at Osmanbey stop.

By car: If you want to go with your personal car, you will be on your left side from Mecidiyeköy towards Taksim.

Harbiye Military Museum: Contact Information

Address: Valikonaği Avenue, Harbiye, Şişli / Istanbul

Phone: 0212 233 27 20

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