Hagia Sophia Hurrem Sultan Hammam: Its History and Sections

Hurrem Sultan Hammam is a Turkish bath located in Istanbul between the Hagia Sophia Museum and the Blue Mosque. The hammam was built by Architect Sinan as a gift from Suleyman the Magnificent to his wife, Hurrem Sultan. The historic building was built in the 16th century at the place where the Zeuksippos Baths in 532 were built. If you want to make a hammam delight in a building that is highly appreciated for centuries, you can choose Hurrem Sultan Hammam located in the historical peninsula.

Hurrem Sultan Hammam: History

Hurrem Sultan Hammam which was completed in 1557 and was put into service and actively used until 1910.The hammam, which had been closed for a long time, was also home to the prisoners when the Sultan Ahmet Prison was full. In addition, it was used as paper and gasoline storage at some periods. The Hagia Sofia Hurrem Sultan Hammam which is among the monumental buildings of Istanbul was restored between 1957-1958 years. After this restoration, it was used as a public carpet outlet store until 2008.

This hammam were built in the form of a double bath. For the first time, the women and men part was made on the same axis in the 75 meter long hammam.

Hurrem Sultan Hammam: Sections

Having been used as hammam, restaurant and cafe, the hammam located at a 3-decare area. There are 3 hammam sections: hot, warm and cold.

Cold hammam: There are a VIP room, a private room, 48 dressing rooms, reception, and massage rooms, recreational area on the terrace floor, vitamin bar and a boutique where the private things of Hurrem Sultan are sold. You can let off stress under a giant dome after the hammam in this place called the ”Soyunmalik”.

Warm Hammam: You can also find the toilets and hell sections made with original Ottoman stones in the warm area.

Hurrem Sultan Hammam

Hot hammam: It is used to sweat consisting of navel stones, private rooms. The temperature of the private rooms called the steam room can rise to 45 degrees. You can also take advantage of the foam massage service.

Hurrem Sultan Hammam: Food and Beverage

After enjoying the Hurrem Sultan Hammam, you can eat a nice meal. You can eat a nice meal at the cafe and restaurant next to the hammam and including the same complex. You can taste delicious food in the mysterious atmosphere of 450-years Hagia Sophia. Mihri Restaurant, which welcomes its guests in the section of the hull where the hammam is fired, welcomes visitors with its 70-seat tent with Ottoman motifs and its 300-seat capacity. Here you can also enjoy hookah and tea. You can pay an average of 100 Turkish lira for a two-people menu at Mihri Restaurant where you can find soups, salads, hamburgers, wrap, desserts and beverages.

The place is open every day between 10.00-00.00 every week. If you are going early in the morning, you can find breakfast service in that cafe. But there is no alcohol service.

Address: Cankurtaran Street, Bab-i Humayun Avenue, No.1, Fatih / Istanbul

Telephone: 0212 517 73 73

Hurrem Sultan Hammam: Bride Package

You can organize different and fun activities in Hurrem Sultan Hammam. It can be organized henna nights and stag parties there. It is possible to have fun with “bindalli” (a Turkish traditional clothe), caftan, henna candle, henna music, henna decoration, henna team, henna table, henna ceremony, zenne and oriental services by paying an average of 400 Turkish liras per person. You can organize a dreaming bridal hammam, a henna night or a stag nights by paying around 8.000 Turkish Liras for maximum 80 people.

Hurrem Sultan Hammam: Prices

In Hurrem Sultan Hammam, you can enjoy hammam delight and massages in different concepts.

Asli-i Hammam: In this hammam, you can benefit from the Ottoman sherbet service as well as the traditional hammam, bath glove and relaxing foam services. The fee for this 30-minutes program is 55 Euro.

Pir-u Pak: In addition to using traditional Turkish hammam, bath glove, relaxing foam massage, head and neck massage are among the services that you can find there. At the end of the massage, Ottoman style sherbet service is available. The fee for this 45-minutes hammam is 80 Euro.

Keyf-i Hamam: The services are traditional hammam, bath glove, relaxing aromatherapy massage with foam and judas tree oil, Ottoman sherbet. The fee for this 60-minutes hammam is 100 Euro.

Zevk-i Sefa: The services are traditional Turkish hammam, bath glove, purifying sea salt peeling, moisturizing and tightening clay mask, aromatherapy massage in Sultan massage room, Ottoman style sherbet. The fee for this 80-minutes hammam is 115 Euro.

Ab-i Hayat: The services are traditional hammam, bath glove and foam, judas tree-essence moisturizing and tightening body clay mask, relaxing head and neck massage ritual, aromatherapy massage, face and foot massage, Ottoman style sherbet, fruit and Turkish delight. The fee for this 110-minutes hammam is 160 Euro.

Hurrem Sultan Hammam

Hurrem Sultan Hammam: Contact Info

Address: Cankurtaran St. Hagia Sophia Square No.2, Fatih / Istanbul

Working Hours: 08.00-22.00

Telephone: 0212 517 35 35

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