From Hagia Sophia to Etnography Museum – Top Places You Must See In Istanbul!

When you come to one of the world capital cities such as Istanbul, there are so many places that you should visit and have a taste. Even though we can’t list them all in just one article, I think this can help you at finding the most fascinating places in the Istanbul.

First of all, you should definitely start with the area known as Historical Peninsula inside of the European Side. Historical Peninsula is one of the rarest places that you can feel the mystical air, culture and the history of Istanbul. Historical artifacts, unique mosques, Ottoman Empire Turkish baths and more… Historical Peninsula is literally made from these buildings. If you want to have a decent visit in this area, you need at least two or one and a half day. But then there comes the real question, where to go, what to do?

You can start by Eminönü and then turn your route to the Spice Bazaar, Sultanahmet, Topkapı Palace, – which was the place that Ottoman emperors and sultans live, manage the country and get their education, besides that it also has a rich sultanate treasury with important Islamic artifacts – Haghia Sophia Museum, – after serving as a church for 916 years and then mosque for 481 years after the conquer of Istanbul, turned into a museum at 1935 and it is still one of the best west-east synthesis in the world – Gulhane Park, the Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern and so many more…

Istanbul is one of the cities that has the richest museum culture and museums within its borders. Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Istanbul Archeology Museum (which has a special feature actually, Istanbul Archeology Museum is one of the ten museums that had been built as a museum building and still being used as a museum building. Moreover, it has many artifacts from many different civilizations through the history cycle), Etnography Museum, The Museum of Great Palace Mosaics, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Istanbul Toy Museum, and etc.

If you get bored from all the museum visits, you can just go to Besiktas for a trip within Dolmabahce Palace and Yıldız Palace. The atmosphere inside of these will definitely amaze you. Additionally, you can just take a cab to Taksim, Beyoglu, Cihangir. When you arrive in Taksim, you can just walk down the Tunnel Street all the way down and have a lovely ”Islak Hamburger” or steamed burger. And the symbol of the city, the magnificent Galata Tower. According to a myth, whoever you go up from the stairs of Galata, this is the person that you will mary. It can be because of the romantic atmosphere at the top of the tower, who knows?

If you wanna feel a cool breeze, then the Bosphorus is just for you. When you are traveling along the Bosphorus, you can see historical mansions and pavilions. After you pay a visit to Besiktas, Ortaköy, and Bebek, you cannot miss the Rumelian Fortress.

And after all these visits if you can still stay in Istanbul, Heybeliada, Büyükada, are worth to visit for a daily trip. But, if all these travelings got you tired, you can just go to Şile, Ağva, and Polonezköy to have some lonely time with nature’s itself.

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