Florya Social Facilities: Breakfast / Location Information

Florya Social Facilities is one of the social facilities located in Bakirkoy district of Istanbul. With its beautiful scenery and delicious food, you can spend a nice day with your friends at the Florya Social Facilities, one of the places you can go by yourself or with your family.

Breakfast service is also provided. The facility, which is run by Istanbul Municipality, provides services at reasonable prices in accordance with municipal understanding. Florya Social Facilities which attract attention with its internal and external visualities, is a good alternative for your meal at a maiden environment and beautiful atmosphere. If you are going to the breakfast room, it’s a good idea to go early to sit tables with the sea view. With its environmental planning where you can organize your special occasions in different areas with beautiful landscape, it is the biggest social facility of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.


It offers also many activities apart from dining. If you want to go with your children, they can also enjoy time with the playground. It is among the places where you can eat a dinner at reasonable prices with its sea view.

Information about Florya Social Facilities

Florya Social Facilities, located on the beach of Yesilkoy, combining the blue and green, serves approximately at a 121-decare area. In addition to the on-site restaurant, it offers three different cafeterias: Şahin Tepesi (Butte), Sahil (Seafront), Bahar Cafe.


It also organize events for wedding, engagement, circumcision and other special occasions. Among the specialties of this place are Florya kebab, lamb roasted with eggplant, lamb tandir, tile with basil sauce and barbecue sauce meatballs, bolognese and napolitan sauce pasta.

The restaurant offers a wide range of services from breakfast varieties, grills, pastas to fish, and delicacies to beverages. In this place which gives services at a large complex, there are extensive walkways, bicycle lanes, sports fields and playgrounds for children. This social facilities are among the places where you can spend more time with your children thanks to the different activities.

Florya Social Facilities: Breakfast Prices

Florya which is the biggest social facility of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is very popular for breakfast. Breakfast table is provided on weekdays and open-buffet breakfast is provided on weekends for Sunday. In addition to the breakfast table, you can add fry, toast, menemen and omelets on weekdays.

On Sunday, the rich open-buffet breakfast starts at 08.30 and continues until 13.00.The price for an open-buffet breakfast per person is 35 Turkish Liras. The breakfast price is reasonable when considering the prices of other places in Florya.

The price of the breakfast table is 20 Turkish Liras. If you are wondering about the prices of other meals, the prices of olive oil dishes are between 5-10 Turkish Liras, savory appetizers are between 5- 13 Turkish Liras, fish varieties are between 13- 25 Turkish Liras, grill varieties are between 12- 25 Turkish Liras, deserts are between 4-9 Turkish Liras, beverages are between 2-4 Turkish Lira.

During the Ramadan, the Florya social facilities iftar menu prices are at reasonable prices. You need to pay for a meal between 35 and 45 Turkish Liras during the Ramadan.

Florya Social Facilities: Wedding Prices

Florya Social Facilities hosts organizations at 3 different areas: a rural garden, a pool garden and an ideal saloon.

Pool garden: It serves as an open-air restaurant with stylish adornments and allows you to organize activities and festivals with its beautiful nature. You can invite up to 1200 guests in the garden. The area is open from the end of May to mid-September. Sound system, bridal room, backstage and parking facilities are available.

Rural Garden: If you are dreaming of a wedding in the shades of blue and green, the rural garden is for you. There is a lounge, a bridal room, a car park and a sound system for an invitation for 600 guests. Invitations can be organized from the end of May to the middle of September.

Ideal Saloon: The hall which welcomes guests with its sea ​​view and showy architecture, can host 650 people. You can organize your events in this hall at every sessions. The weddings prices are standard. But weekday and weekend prices vary. It vary between 40-63 TL depending the menu alternatives you chose. On the weekends, the same menu are between 45-72 Turkish Liras. If you want to organize an invitation with cocktail plate instead of a meal, the price per person is 30 TL.

How To Go To Florya Facilities?

Metrobus: After getting on metrobus, you can get off at Florya station and reach Florya and get a taxi or minibus.

Bus: You can reach Florya from IETT bus stations on line BN1, BN2 and BN3.Furthermore, You can also use 73T-Bakirkoy-Florya, 73Y Yenibosna-Florya and 73F Taksim-Florya busses.

Florya Social Facilities: Contact

Address: Şenlikkoy Street. Eceler Avenue. Florya / Yesilkoy-Istanbul.

Telephone: 444 10 34

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