First village of Rumeli Side: Rumelifeneri

First village of Rumeli Side: Rumelifeneri

The Rumelifeneri village, which welcomes the ships entering into the Bosporus from the black sea, reminds of a pretty black sea town with its harbor where fishing boats are lined up side by side.

The lighthouse that gave its name to the village and was made by French in 1856 is one of the two symbols of the village with the castle of Rumelifeneri. At the foot of the Rumeli Feneri tower, which has guided the ships passing through the Black Sea for years with its 18-mile range of vision, Saltuk Baba Tomb, which can still be visited, is located. With its yard, bastions and walls, Rumelifeneri Castle is a corner where the visitors can’t pass without stopping by and aspirate the sea smelling wind blowing from the Black Sea while enjoying the beauty of the view.

Rumeli Feneri

Rumelifeneri, which was once a greek village, is a settlement where local people are mostly from the Black Sea region just like in Garipçe village.

The most famous restaurant in Rumelifeneri is Roke Restaurant which is inside the harbor just on jetties. Roke Restaurant, run by Seyhan Karan, takes its name from the roke stones in the harbor. The Roke Restaurant, which is a company of about 20 years, serves with its summer garden only in the summer and the season before autumn rains begin. For those who want to visit Rumelifeneri Village and spend a few days here, there isn’t any accommodation alternative apart from Golden Beach Club which is a few kilometers away from the center of the village. The place with its own bay and beach is a nice alternative for those who want to swim without moving far away from İstanbul. At the Golden Beach Club, you can also stay in a boutique hotel, as well as the charming bungalow houses, which look like sprinkled on the hillside behind the beach.

Rumeli Feneri

After a great day, we are leaving Rumelifeneri behind us but we know that we will visit here again to find peace and feel the nature by moving away from the crowd of İstanbul.


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