Fatih Mosque Travel Guide: Where and History and Genres

Fatih Mosque and its social complex is the building which is located at Fatih district of Istanbul and built by Fatih Sultan Mehmed‘s order. Actually, it’s not just a mosque. Because the social complex houses 16 madrasa, darüsififa (hospital), tabhane (guest house) imarethane (soup kitchen), library and bath.

Fatih Mosque: History

The mosque has a great significance in our history. The mosques which is built by the sultans and their families are generally called as ‘selatin mosques’ in the period of Ottoman Empire. Fatih Mosque also is the first selatin mosque built after the conquest of Istanbul.

This may be the reason why it is so functional and glorious. Besides, it is known as the place where the first Turkish azan is recited in 1932. This building, built by Atik Sinan, was reconstructed in 1771 due to the destruction of the earthquakes and has been through various repairs. If you are going to Fatih, you can visit Fatih Mosque, which greets visitors with its historic fabric.

Fatih Mosque

The first version of the Fatih Mosque was completed in 1469. However, the mosque, which experienced so many earthquakes, has not survived long. The building which is damaged firstly at the Istanbul Earthquake in 1509, was repaired in the reign of Bayezid. The mosque, which had been ruined in 1766 due to the earthquake was repaired and changed its appearance. Today, only three walls of the fountain in the courtyard, fountain, crown door, niche, some of the minarets and one part of the boundary wall could reach today.


Fatih Mosque: Plan

The tomb of Fatih Sultan Mehmed who conquered Istanbul and gave its name to the Fatih district, is located right in front of the wall of the Fatih Mosque. It is a sacred site for the Byzantines, where the old Havariyun Church which is a sacred structure for the Byzantines in the past period.

The Fatih Mosque plan was designed as monumental. Byzantine and Ottoman architecture was adopted as architectural style. The line works of the mosque were written by Yahya Sofi and his son Ali Bin Sofi.

The first madrasah of Istanbul are the Mediterranean and Black Sea Madrasahs located in the north and west of Fatih Mosque. The outer pulleys of the mosque has eight corners and are lined with arches. Arches mostly adorned with red stone and white marble, green stone only was used for the ones at the mandrel. The lower and upper windows are covered with wide blottings.

The door frames are from marble. Fatih Mosque is also very elegant inside. Yashmac of the mihrab is from stalactites. The three corners are decorated with green columns, sand clocks and end with an elegant crown.

Fatih Mosque: People Who Are Buried

Since Fatih Mosque has such an important place in history, the graves and tombs of many Ottoman statesmen’s were also at the mosque. The fact that the tombs of grand vizers, shayk al-islams, muhsir and many scholars, especially Fatih Sultan Mehmed, are located in the mosque, which makes it possible for the Ottoman protocol to be visited together.


Where Is The Fatih Mosque?

Address: Ali Kuscu Street, Hattat Nafiz Avenue. No: 35, Fatih / Istanbul.

How to Go To Fatih Mosque?

Fatih Mosque is located in the province of Fatih, Istanbul.You have different alternatives to reach the mosque.

Bus: 37 Y Yildiztabya – Vezneciler, 87 Topkapi – Edirnekapi – Taksim, 28 Topkapi – Besiktas, 36 A Cebeci – Vezneciler, R 3 Eyüp – Beyazit, 910 Bus Station – Eminonü, 336 E Sultanciftligi – Eminonü, 86 V Eyüp Sultan – Vezneciler, 90 Draman – Eminonü, 32 Cevatpasa – Eminonü, 38 B Yunusemre Neighborhood – You can go to Fatih Mosque by using all the buses coming from Yavuz Selim stop, especially Vezneciler.You can also reach it by going to firstly Eminonü by bus.

By car: If you are going to go with your personal car, pass by Karakoy and leave Galata Bridge behind. Later, you need to go Fevzi Pasha Avenue. Then you can follow the road signs to the Fatih Mosque.

Other Places to See In Fatih

Because Fatih is known as a historical peninsula, many historical sites, churches, mosques and museums are located on its borders. If you like the Islamic artifacts, you can visit Fatih Mosque as well as various museums and Turkish and Islamic Museum of Art that you can visit.

Mesih Ali Pasha: Hirka-i Şerif Street, Prof Naci Şensoy Avenue. 22 A, Fatih / Istanbul. Naci Şensoy Cd. 22A, Fatih / Istanbul

Hirkai Şerif Mosque: Hirka-i Şerif St., Akseki Avenue.  No: 20, Fatih / Istanbul.

Fethiye Mosque: Address: Balat Street, Fatih / Istanbul

Turkish and Islamic Works Museum: Sultan Ahmet District, Meydan Street. No: 46, Fatih / Istanbul.

Hadim Ibrahim Pasha Mosque: Silivrikapi District, Silivrikapi Avenue.  No: 125, Fatih / Istanbul.

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