Fall In Istanbul: 5 Walking Routes

Nowadays, you can see that the people around you divided into 2 groups. People who don’t want to accept the end of the summer and meet with joy. It doesn’t matter which group you choose but there is a fact that Istanbul is pretty lovely on autumn. It is indefinable emotions to walking on the way which was surrounded by beauty and color of autumn.

There are some places which you prefer to walk in autumn.


There is Çam Port on one end of the island and on the other Side is Değirmenburnu. When you walk towards these two point, you will run across calabrian pine and houses which were built on style of Art Nouveau. Forest way of Heybeliada is advisable for those who want to walk in silence and it is more quiet beside Büyükada.


Furthermore, you can watch the sea and sky with nature. If you have enough time, watching sunset is preferable.


Özgürlük Park is the biggest park of Anatolia of Istanbul. It is exist in Selamiçeşme and it has 1.5 km running and walking parkour. It is an option for runners to run with the beauty of nature in 120 acres of ground.

özgürlük park


Yıldız Park is a grove which was used as a hunting area for Ottoman Sultans. It is located in Besiktas and it is a saver for those who want to move away from the city in these days. If you intend to go uphill, enter at Çiragan Caddesi and head towards Yıldız Palace. It is a big possibility to run across with squirrel when you walk along agelong trees. It is a preferred venue for groups of students or individual to have Meeting or reading a book.


Ulupelit is exist in one of the villages which were scattered in Şile. You can get fresh air in this beautiful village surrounded by oak and beech trees, you can walk on the tracks with different lengths and hardships.



You can choose the Fatih Forest in the south to get away from the Belgrade Forest’s crowd a bit. You can go down to the depths of the forest by following the main road on 1500 acres of ground, you can have a picnic when you are tired.

Fatih Ormanı

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