Discover Fener and Balat

Fener, Balat and Fatih rich in history, untouched area of ​​cultural traces. We are suprised why it is not on list of UNESCO. The area between the old city walls is west of Eminönü. When you are not with someone who knows the region, it is a little hard to discover here.

We did this for you and one morning we went to Balat. Follow us!

Naftalin Vintage Shop And Cafe

Our first stop is Naftalin Café. Naftalin Cafe and Vintage store facing each other is a project of very hot couple. the store which sells antique stuffs has many objects from history. The cafe designed with these antique items protects Retro air with the platter playing at the back. This is the most beautiful place to start the day in Balat. We recommend you try the homemade biscuits.

Greek High School And Red Church

You will notice that the streets are narrowed and complicated by throwing your foot inside the Greek district Fener. Do not be surprised if you come across children playing soccer on the street while traveling between colorful houses. When you go uphill, you will come across a red majestic building. You have come to the Rum Boys’ High School…

Red Church

It may seem difficult to enter inside, but if you insist a bit, the gate attendants allow you to see this incredible brick building. As you go up the stairs next to the building, you will see a red church. This is a church dating from the 13th century.

Köfteci Arnavut

It is time to have lunch. It’s a little hard to find between the streets, but everyone can point. Kofteci arnavut whose original name is Blue Corner Restaurant is well known in Balat. Do not expect a lux restaurant. Order your meatballs and traditional Albanian dessert ‘Trileche’ and take out the delight.

Kariye Museum

while you were here, we would like to take you once more to this place which is one of exactly should have seen in Istanbul. it’s worth to be seen altough it is not including our fener-balat tour. Although it is not counted as Fener – Balat on the shore side, you have to enter Edirnekapı for a little more. The church, whose real name is Chora, took the name of Kariye after the Ottoman domination.

Kariye Museum

The church was transformed by Atik Ali Pasha at the beginning of the 16th century but it has the wonderful mosaics and frescoes that it had never been removed but plastered with paint and dirt over time. Later, it was restored by the Byzantine Institute of America. It is dazzling when you enter this museum, which looks very modest from the outside.

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