Detailed Heybeliada Guide! How To Go, What To Do?

Detailed Heybeliada Guide

Sometimes do you feel desperate in crowded cities? Have you ever let down by the heavy tempo of Istanbul and just wanted a little escape to the natures itself? Then I think we have a solution just for you. Heybeliada will literally take away all your stress, exhaustion and negative energy. Come to this delightful place and let your body rest in its lush nature and deep blue sea. Listen to yourself, listen to your soul and even let it rest for a while. Do it just at the peak of all the work and all the heavy burden. Do it so Heybeliada could stay in your memories all the time with its unique atmosphere. With this Heybeliada Guide, I think you can do that easily.

Heybeliada is the second largest island at Prince’s Islands. With its breezing air, roads full of pine trees and sea, it can be specially designed by God’s itself. Besides being a wonder of nature, it is also a cultural heritage too. Inside the island, there are lots of Byzantian and even Republican artifacts and buildings.

Heybeliada is especially being raided by tourists in the Summer and the Spring. But if we talk statistically, because of the summers hot and sweltry weather, it is best to visit Heybeliada in Spring. It is one of the best areas for a daily trip too. Fresh air, long walking roads and a mixture of Greek and Turkish architecture, it does worth a visit indeed. Name of Heybeliada actually means ”the island with bag” and the reason behind it, when you look at the Heybeliada from Istanbul coasts, it looks like kind of a bag and bag means ”Heybe” in old Turkish. It has 150 meters in height and not only for its geographical location, but with its historical and cultural delights, it is definitely one of the places to visit in Istanbul. We think that you cannot miss that mystical air when you visit Heybeliada. You should try to look at Istanbul from this point of view. Sometimes we just need to stop and realize the beauties around us waiting to be discovered.

How To Go To Heybeliada?

Heybeliada is located inside of Prince’s Islands archipelago. Just because of that, there are daily motor and ferry tours to this beautiful island. You can either go from European or the Anatolian Side. In order to get to the ferry stations, you need to go Bostancı, Kadıköy or Kabataş. If you take a motor ship the trip will take shorter but if you take the ferry, it can take approximately one hour.

What to Eat In Heybeliada?

Just like every other place, there are ‘must go’ places in Heybeliada too. If you are visiting the Island at an early hour, you should definitely taste the breakfast of Meltem Pasta & Börek Fırını or you can just eat traditional Van Breakfast at Mimosa Cafe. Then you can go for a stroll when you start to feel hungry, you can just go Heyamola, Mavi Restaurant, Erguvan Ev Yemekleri, and Farklı Bi yer. Besides, if you just wanna have a casual meal and have a picnic, Değirmen Burnu Picnic Area can fascinate you with its scenery. As a dessert or cafe, Tadım Roma Dondurma, Nazlıgül Muhallebicisi could be good.

Where to Visit In Heybeliada?

Even though some people say it is a really small island, with our Heybeliada Guide, you just cannot visit all the places in just one day. Heybeliada is a special place with every kind of Greek / Turkish architecture and structure. You can visit Sanatorium Hospital, Ayios Nikolaos Church, Hagios Georgios tou Kremnou or Hagios Georgios Monastery, and the most important one, the Halki Seminary. Moreover, you can just pay a visit to İsmet İnönü Home and Museum or Naval High School.

What to Do In Heybeliada?

You can buy souvenirs with famous Heybeliada figures on them, eat historical Roman ice cream (Gelato) and many more. If you prefer May and June when visiting Heybeliada, you can have more fun too. Just be sure you are following our Heybeliada Guide.

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