Daily Istanbul Trips

It is getting harder to stay in the Istanbul during the week when summer comes and the weather gets warmer. But every weekend we can not go to the Aegean Sea. What are we going to do?

We will run away from the city in the city, no resort!

If you want to do something that you can relax and enjoy without having to travel far from Istanbul, you should take a look at our daily travel recommendations.

5 ways to escape from Istanbul without going from Istanbul

Let’s Swim the Pool and Let Fresh

In Sura Hotel you can spend a day in nature at Sultanahmet. You can enter the pool, enjoy your greenery, and pamper yourself. Stay overnight in the Sura hotel, if you say that is not enough for you.


Go to the Sea, Let’s Eat Fish

Early in the morning, the road leads up to a beautiful spot on the grass on Uzunya Beach in Kilyos. It is sunbathed all day and enters the sea. In the afternoon, go to the boathouse and eat fish during watching the view.


Let’s Not Stay Empty, Learn Something

You can make half or full day practical by booking in advance at the Glass Furnace Foundation in Riva. This means that you will be able to tour the foundation and have a chance to travel, as well as activities such as fusion and bead work that your hand touches cama and glass cutting tools.

Daily Istanbul Trips

Fresh Air is the Best

So let’s get you to the Belgrade Forest. Both athletes and barbeque lovers flock here, so it is advisable to go early. Those who like cycling can use the bicycle park, those who want to walk and run can use the hiking trail. Remind people who do not go to the forest for a long time – the weather is cooler where there are so many trees. So in the summer months to refresh, to get some fresh air and to enjoy the green is appropriate.

Daily Istanbul Trips

There is Abundance on the Move

Go to Forestanbul, swing at the giant swing, experience your first zipline experience, climb to the climbing wall. Always move, Always adrenaline!

Daily Istanbul Trips

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