Constructions Of Istanbul Which Have Extraordinary Ceilings

Istanbul’s unusual ceilings deserve your interest. We have compiled five places that attract attention with its ceilings in different styles.

Istanbul’s Extraordinary Ceilings

Pera Palace

The Domed Salon, the heart of Pera Palace, attract all attractions with its six domes and high ceilings.

In the previous years, the tops of the domes used for ventilation and then it were covered with a glass roof during restoration. Therefore, the entire lobby floor can receive direct sunlight. You can feel like an aristocrat living in the 1900s in the Domed Lounge, which is surrounded by this magnificent ceiling.


Istanbul Modern

The fake ceiling which is impressive point to get selfie for visitors located on the lower floor of the museum. The British sculptor Richard Wentworth’s installation consists of hundreds of books hanging on the ceiling and standing on the same level. Each of the different types of books written in different languages ​​has been hanged from steel fibers. This work, which was first exhibited at the 4th Istanbul Biennial in 1995, is a ‘cultural meteorology’ in the words of its creator.


Kılıç Ali Paşa Hammam

Kılıç Ali Pasha Bath, one of the architectural masterpieces of Mimar Sinan, is one of the biggest domed baths of Istanbul. The Camegah section has an eye-catching atmosphere with its 14 meter diameter and 17 meter high dome. You can choose here before and after the hammam, you can enjoy by drinking your sorbet under the light rays. During the Hammam, you can lie the belly stone and count the stars.

kilic-ali-pasa-turkish-hamam (1)

Kariye Museum

We are amazed at where we will look at the Kariye Museum, which contains examples of late Byzantine art. The mosaics and frescoes that decorate the domes of the building are known around the world. In the inner narthex’s domes consists Figurines of Jesus and the ancestors of Jesus,Virgin Mary and Child Jesus. One of the most remarkable frescoes is the ‘resurrection’ (Anastasis) scene in the parekklesion section.


Sakirin Mosque

Can Islam and modern architecture coexist? Yes, as seen in the Shakirin Mosque. Although it does not have one of the most beautiful mosque ceilings in the city, the Şakirin Mosque is an interesting example of this.


The chandelier hanging from the dome at a height of 40 meters reflects the synthesis of traditional and modern. There are 99 names of Allah on the top of the chandelier which were  decorated with ornaments of crystals.

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