Breakfast Places in Istanbul

As the spring slowly begins to show its face, the cemets fall, the wools gradually get up to the cupboards, and the national sports weekend of Istanbul begins!

Here are the breakfast routes you can go at the weekend: Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, if it is a weekend breakfast it is the most important meal of the whole week. We prepared a small guide for you to spend time with your loved ones, to throw away the tiredness of the day, and to create a festive occasion.


Moda, which is always frequented by those who wants to visit Istanbul, to relax, to enjoy a beautiful view and to have a good time in unique places; also attracts attention with its breakfast places.

Munchies, which offers a unique service for pancake lovers, the Moda Terrace that will turn your head around with its open buffet, Naan Bakeshop, which turns your breakfast to an art with various kinds of breads and organic products.

Moda is calling you for a pleasant weekend with its unique view.


Çengelköy Çınaraltı continues to offer one of the most delightful, friendly village test of the city as it has been in the past, while traveling through time. Then you should go to Kuzguncuk for a coffee.


Places with Sea View

You can try Mangerie in Bebek, Boaz Cafe & Brasserie or Big Chefs in Tarabya, Cafe Nar in Rumeli Hisari and famous Sütiş in Emirgan to get the best gift of living in Istanbul, the unique throat air for breakfast.

Cafe Nar in Rumeli Hisari


In recent years, Karaköy, the new star of Istanbul in the field of design, art and gourmet, seems to continue to be indispensable for breakfast on weekends with quality venues that are suitable for every taste.

The Namlı Gourmet stands out as a taste stop with dozens of cafes that will appeal to both your eyes and your taste buds.

The Namlı Gourmet

Inside Nature

At this places you can enjoy both of nature and delicious breakfast: the Picnic Park in Polonezköy, Greenline in Ağva, Saklıgöl Karamandere in Şile, Yoros Cafe in Yoros Castle in Anatolia, and Emel’s Garden in Kilyos Beach.

Saklıgöl Karamandere in Şile

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