Bloggers Staying At Sura Hotels

In this article, as Sura hotels, we have shared with you the bloggers we have hosted in our unique places such as hasbahçe, outdoor pool, spa and n-terrace.

1-Cici Celia – @newgirlnyc


Cici Celia is an blogger about the Luxury Fashion, Travel, Style Icon.

Cici Celia his during stay at our Hotels, His had breakfast experience in n-terrace with the unique panoramic view of Istanbul’s and shared this experience with the followers.

In addition, he had a wonderful time in Sura Hotels’ unique beauty and design rooms.


2- Sabrina and Henrique – @terraadentro


Sabrina and Henrique are world trip bloggers as brazilian photographers.

During their stay at Sabrina and Henrique Sura Hotels, they had unique experiences in the spa, outdoor pool, hasbahce, kebab restaurant, deraliye restaurant and n terrace restaurant.

3- Viktoria and Anna – @viki_in_istanbul and @ann.oreshek


Viktoria and Anna is are bloggers who has been in Istanbul for a long time and shared to Istanbul’s beauty with followers. And the two are close friends.

During their stay at Viktoria and Anna Sura Hotels, they had amazing experiences in the outdoor pool, hasbahce, rooms and n terrace restaurant.


We hosted many more bloggers in our list as Sura Hotels. As Sura Hotels, we would like to thank all bloggers for their great cooperation and the contents they produce.

You are a blogger who wants to cooperate with our hotel you can reach us at instagram address.

Our instagram adress : @surahotels

The Other Bloggers Staying At Sura Hotels

  1. Thomas Rossier – @thomas_rossier
  2. Aygiz Rebelle – @micolgarden
  3. Aldo Spataro – @aldospataro
  4. Viktorya Sener – @tiebowtie
  5. Mariah Idrissi – @mariahidrissi
  6. Cem Özkök – @cemozkokpr
  7. Daniel – @dani_hxr
  8. Nora Piero – @nora_piero
  9. Maja Maravic – @maravicka
  10. Tzvika Amit – @tzvikaamit25
  11. Sergey M. – @sergeymv


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