Beyoglu’s Historical Smelling Apartments

Istanbul; each story contains different stories. Is there another city with such a long history, it is not known. When the population was low, while the houses were singular, apartment buildings started to be built with the increasing population in the 1900s. Especially; buildings built by strangers can be seen as examples of western architectural art.

One of the most important districts with different apartment architecture is Beyoğlu. The Egyptian Apartment, the Flower Passage and the Syrian Passage are just some of them.

The Egyptian Apartment

The Egyptian Apartment, built by a Belgian family, was repaired in 2001 and turned into a luxury residence. It offers a unique view of the Golden Horn.

The Egyptian Apartment

The Flower Passage

The Flower Passage is; In the years when it was built, there were florist shops underneath, and on the upper floor there was 18 luxurious houses where the florists in the passage had taken place.

The Flower Passage

The Syrian Passage

Syrian passage; the lower floors are designed as a shop, the upper floors are used as housing, and they have been used as writing rooms for various newspapers for many years. If you have the chance to enter one of the apartment’s apartments, the high ceilings and historic texture will captivate you.

The Syrian Passage

Another building that comes to mind of a historical apartment building is; It is located in Elmadağ Caddesi, Arif Pasa Apartment. The last doctor of the Ottoman Palace, the intention of the apartment built by Sarıcazade, made it possible for those who had to leave the palace to continue the same life. For this reason, the rooms of the servants on the roof floor are connected to each other by doors that open to very high ceilinged apartments.

Another pavilion built by the same Greek architect is Sarıca Arif Paşa Mansion, which carries the same name in Moda. The building is designed as a family apartment and is decorated with Roman treatments. Our world famous pianist, Arif Pasha’s grandson, Ayşegül Sarıca, still lives in this dwelling.

Istanbul’s historic residences, which are full of different surprises, do not end with these. As you explore, you will discover more and more as you discover. Now, the best time to get lost in the streets of Istanbul!

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