Best Trekking and Hiking Trails Near Istanbul

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This article is specially written for you. Even though it is a suitable sport for all the seasons, hiking and trekking are the most suitable activities for the fall.

Trekking which has a special beauty in the fall and in the winter has another unique taste in times that the sun is winking at us and passing slowly to the other season. Even though it requires special types of equipment according to our route and the weather and sometimes a professional preparation phase, it is definitely worth to enjoy the nature from first hand and be with your friends while listening to the songs of birds.

Since we are too enthusiasts of long hiking routes and trekking, we have made a special guide for you with the information gathered from our friends and by our own experiences. Here are some trips that you can take for a day or for a weekend.

While we still stay close to the Istanbul, Şile Ağva is definitely one of these trail routes. Before everything, it is really close to the city but it is pretty far away from the dirty atmosphere. Şile Ağva can be the best option with its lush nature and refreshing streams. You can walk for hours in its pine forests full of fresh air.

Let’s go a bit far away and try İzmit. İzmit or Kocaeli has two beautiful trekking routes. The first one is of course Maşukiye! Kartepe which has a beauty from another realm has another side in the winter and in the spring season. You can walk to the hotels’ area with 2 or 3 hours walk. İf the weather conditions are suitable, you can do a nice camping with your fire and marshmallows too. By doing that, you can have an extra 2 days and more time to plan for your next trekking trip.

The second fascinating route in İzmit is Menekşe Highland. The hiking route which composed of different parkours, has a bit steep start but it goes flat grade by grade and if you can manage to pass the first route, you can walk pretty easily in its forest. You can see endemic animal and plant species if you spend enough time.

Another route starts from Sakarya, Sapanca Lake. Throughout the lake, there are lots of beautiful walking environments. Especially in the spring and fall seasons. You can have an unforgettable camping experience with your friends or loved ones.

sapanca lake ile ilgili görsel sonucu

If these are not a challenge for you and you are open minded for further places, you should definitely try one of the earliest capital cities of the Ottoman Empire. Even though Bursa has uncountable trekking places, Cumalıkızık village which has approximately 600 years of history and the Atatürk Kent Ormanı will be the best two options for now. Before starting your trip in Atatürk Kent Ormanı, it can be best to inform the staff about your trip and the hours you want to spend. Even though it is a long trip, it is definitely worth to see the waterfall at the end. While doing the parkour, you can witness some tree roots giving you a hand and nature’s itself being your best friend.

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