Best Shopping Centers in Istanbul – Part 2

Best Shopping Centers in Istanbul – Part 2

We will continue our shopping centers list with part 2.


İstanbul Cevahir Alışveriş Merkezi

The oldest favorite mall of Istanbul, Cevahir is increasing its popularity day by day. Cevahir is among the most visited shopping centers in Istanbul and the location adds a lot to this feature. By being situated in the Mecidiyeköy, it appeals to every type of person. You can get to this gigantic facility by M2 Yenikapı – Hacıosman metro line’s ”Şişli-Mecidiyeköy” station and you can also reach there by getting off at the Mecidiyeköy station of Metrobus. Moreover, you can find buses that go to the Mecidiyeköy from literally every part of Istanbul.

Marmara Park

Marmara Park Alışveriş Merkezi

Beylikdüzü, which exploited the advantage of the population slide to the west, became a prominent area for many people. The area is ready for shopping addicts with its new and gigantic shopping center which built on the area of one of the oldest thematic parks in Istanbul, Tatilya. Marmara Park shopping center is meeting all the demands from that populated area. You can reach this center not just from Beylikdüzü but from all sides of Istanbul. But the best option is of course Metrobus.


Kartal county is one of the areas that lack the shopping centers most. And İstmarina project is built in order to meet that lack with a half-open-air concept. You can reach that center by buses that pass from Kartal coast. If you want to come from outer areas of Kartalü you can just take Kadiköy – Tavşantepe metro and get off at Kartal station. You need to get minibus or bus lines in order to get there after the metro.

Özdilekpark Istanbul

Özdilekpark İstanbul

Özdilekpark Istanbul is built within the Büyükdere Caddesi which is the skyscraper and big business complex center of Istanbul. Even though it is located inside the Levent, one of the most expensive areas of Istanbul, it appeals to every kind of person. Since the day of the first service, it has been welcoming an incredible number of guests. The easiest way to get there is M2 Yenikapı – Hacıosman Metro Lines and M6 Levent – Boğaziçi University Metro lines ” Levent ” station. Moreover, you can reach there with all the buses that pass from Levent.


Kanyon is one of the best shopping malls in Istanbul and located inside Levent, which is a very high-profile area as we mentioned before. It can be considered as the most elegant attraction point in Istanbul. The project welcomes us with its open-air concept and it represents a natural Canyon with its shapes. You can find many international brands in here. And the best way to get there is getting off at the ”Levent” station of M2 Yenikapı – Hacıosman Metro and M6 Levent – Boğaziçi University Metro. Moreover, you can get to there with every bus that passes from Levent as Özdilekpark Istanbul.

Zorlu Center

Zorlu Center

Zorlu Center has a very precious area and appeals to the vanity fair with its half open-air concept. The Zorlu Center Performance Arts Center is situated inside the project and has been one of the most important cultural centers since the day of opening. Zorlu Center is not just a shopping center but it is also an art and social center with lots of extra facilities. In order to reach this gigantic facility, you can take M2 Yenikapı – Hacıosman Metro line’s ”Gayrettepe” station or get off at the ”Zincirlikuyu” station of Metrobus.

Istinye Park

Ä°stinye Park

Istinye Park is another center that appeals to the vanity fair and away from railway transportation options. It is a place that mostly visited by famous persons such as football players, artists, and movie stars every day. When you visit that place, it is most likely that you will encounter with a famous person. So, don’t be surprised. Since it is really big and appeals to the vanity fair, the best way to get there is a private car but you can also use public transportation too. You can get to there by a long walk after getting off at ”İTÜ Ayazağa Kampüsü” station of M2 Yenikapı – Hacıosman metro. Moreover, many buses that pass from İstinye can lead you to there.

Zeytinburnu Olivium Outlet Center

Zeytinburnu Olivium Outlet Center

Zeytinburnu Outlet Center is the first Outlet shopping center of Turkey, the one that brings an outlet to the country. The former name of this facility was Olivium and even though it has a history like 15 years, it is still one of the most prominent and attractive malls in Istanbul. It is highly attractive for especially Arabic tourists and has many international outlet brands. You can reach this shopping center from Kazlıçeşme station of Marmaray or just take 93M Mecidiyeköy – Zeytinburnu, 93 Eminönü – Zeytinburnu, and 93C Beyazit – Zeytinburnu buses to get off at ”Olivium” station. Moreover, ”Akşemsettin” station of T1 Bağcılar – Zeytinburnu – Kabataş tramway station is another way to get there.



Trump is one of the most popular destinations of Istanbul and it is located in Mecidiyeköy. People who want to escape from crowdedness of Cevahir comes to this magnificent facility. Trump is not only a shopping center but it is also a cultural center too. You can reach there by M2 Yenikapı – Hacıosman metro line’s ”Şişli – Mecidiyeköy” station and moreover you can get off at Mecidiyeköy station of Metrobus too. You can take Mecidiyeköy buses from every side of Istanbul too.

The Trump name has a special bond with the USA President Donald Trump. Both of the twin towers are fully invested and built by Donald J. Trump.



Even though it is far away from current central areas of Istanbul, it will gain a lot of popularity with the Canal Istanbul project too. It is situated inside of the Bahçeşehir and among the biggest shopping centers around the area. But one disadvantage is that you can reach there only by car or bus.

Other large-scale shopping centers in Istanbul (with alphabetic order)

12 İstanbul Power Outlet (İkitelli), Akmerkez (Etiler), Akyaka Park (Ümraniye), Anatolium (Kartal), Arenapark (Atakent), Aqua Florya (Florya), Axis İstanbul(Bayrampaşa), Biz Cevahir Outlet (Haliç), Buyaka (Ümraniye), Brandium(Ataşehir),  Maltepe Park (Maltepe), Nişantaşı City’s (Nişantaşı), Optimum Outlet Center (Yenisahra), Palladium (Ataşehir), Piazza (Maltepe), Starcity Outlet Center(Yenibosna), Tepe Nautilus (Kadıköy), Torium (Haramidere), Ümraniye Meydan(Ümraniye), Watergarden (Ataşehir), Vadi İstanbul (Seyrantepe)

Other Shopping Centers (with alphabetic order)

Airport Outlet (Yenibosna), Armonipark (Sefaköy), Arissa (Silivri), Autopia Otomobil (Esenyurt), Astoria (Gayrettepe), Asitane Historia (Fatih), Ataköy Marina Park (Bakırköy), Ataköy Plus (Ataköy), Atlaspark (Sultanbeyli), Atrium (Ataköy), Axis İstanbul (Kağıthane), Beylikdüzü Migros (Beylikdüzü), Bulvar 216 (Ataşehir), Canpark (Ümraniye), Capitol (Altunizade), Capacity (Bakırköy), Carausel(Bakırköy), Carrefour (İçerenköy), Demirören İstiklal (Taksim), Esenyurt City Center (Esenyurt), FlyInn Yeşilköy (Bakırköy), Fox City Premium Outlet(Büyükçekmece), Hayat Park Outlet (Küçükçekmece), Galleria (Ataköy), Güngören Park (Güngören), Güneşli Park (Bağcılar), Kale Outlet Center (Güngören), Kozzy(Kozyatağı), M1 Merkez (Kartal), Marintürk (Pendik), Mayadrom Uptown (Etiler), Maxi Center (Silivri), Merkez Kayaşehir (Kayaşehir), Metrogarden (Dudullu), Metro City (Levent), Metroport (Bahçelievler), Novada (Ataşehir), Oasis Designer Outlet(Bağcılar), Olimpa (Başakşehir), Pendorya (Pendorya), Pelikan Mall (Avcılar), Plato(Sultanbeyli), Rings (Sancaktepe), Sapphire Çarşı (4.Levent), Zeruj Port(Zeytinburnu)

Building in Process

Home City (Pendik), İsfanbul Designer OutletKoru Florya (Florya), Metropol İstanbul (Ataşehir), Skyland İstanbul (Seyrantepe),

Small-Scale Shopping Centers

Address İstanbul (Şişli), Asyapark (Dudullu), Atirus (Büyükçekmece), Aymerkez(Büyükçekmece), Beyaz City (Beylikdüzü), Beylicium (Beylikdüzü), Colony Outlet(Florya), Deposite Outlet Center (İkitelli), Espri Outlet Center (Esenler), Fabulist(Sancaktepe), İstanbul Outlet Park (Büyükçekmece), Kadir Has (Bahçelievler), Kardiyum (Çekmeköy), KemerMall (Kemerburgaz), İş Kule Çarşı (Levent), MarkaCity (Beylikdüzü), Mesa Studio (Göktürk), Mozaik Çarşı (Ataşehir), Nar Point(Ataşehir), Neomarin (Pendik), Ömür Plaza İncirli (Bakırköy), Paradise(Büyükçekmece), Pendik Park (Pendik), Perlavista (Beylikdüzü), Prestige Mall(Beylikdüzü), Profilo (Mecidiyeköy), Sancak Park (Sancaktepe), Star Arena(Güngören), Town Center (Bakırköy), Veneris (Beylikdüzü), Verdemolino(Başakşehir), Wedding World (Yenibosna-Kuyumcukent), White Hill (Eyüp), World Atlantis (Kurtköy)

Closed Ones

Akvaryum (Bayrampaşa), Green Park (Büyükçekmece), M1 Meydan Merter(Güngören), Platform Merter (Güngören), Ora İstanbul (Bayrampaşa)

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