Best Parks and Gardens of Istanbul: Ulus Park

Ulus Park Travel Guide

Ulus Park, which is located on the European side of Istanbul and one of the places that have the Bosphorus view and where you can rest and have the opportunity to watch Istanbul, is a wonderful park where you can watch the historical peninsula and the beautiful Bosphorus bridge at the same time.

Information about Ulus Park

You can drink various drinks such as tea, coffee in the restaurant part of Ulus Park. As the location of Ulus Park, the value of the landscape should be added, the prices may be slightly higher. Examples of these prices are 1 cup of tea 5 TL or 1 cup of coffee be 7 TL. Inside the park, there are children’s playgrounds, fitness area, and ornamental pools and 2 cafe restaurants. There is also a rooftop terrace.

Ulus Cafe

Ulus Cafe is one of the unique places where you can watch the breathtaking view of the Bosphorus, which separates the continents of Europe and Asia, together with your loved ones. It is a place that cannot be ignored for those who want to organize business dinners, special invitations, and party organizations with special decor alternatives according to different themes.

Breakfast Prices in Ulus Park

It is a great option to have breakfast in Ulus Park to cheer up your Sundays and have a great time with your loved ones with an amazing view of the Bosphorus. The breakfast plate costs 27.5 TL. The breakfast plate includes White cheese, cheddar cheese, jam, honey, clotted cream, butter, olive, tomato, cucumber, salami, Nutella, herbed cheese, cigarette pastry, wire cheese, boiled egg and 2 cups of tea. On Sundays between 9 and 14, there is a buffet breakfast option. The price of this breakfast, which is unlimited and varied, is 37,50 TL.

Where is Ulus Park and how to get there?

Park is located in the district of Besiktas in Istanbul. When you see Akmerkez in the Levent direction to reach Ulus Park which is on the edge of Ahmet Adnan Saygun Avenue, which extends from Ortaköy to Etiler, you must enter the street on the right and go about 1 kilometer. It is located on the right side by Ortaköy towards Levent.

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