Best Historical Places in Istanbul: Valide Sultan Mosque

New Mosque or with the more familiar name the Valide Sultan Mosque, is among the best historical mosques in Istanbul. It is one of the last examples of gigantic mosques that was built by the Ottoman Empire. Moreover, among the Turkish architectural places that were built during the Ottoman Era, this one has the record about the longest completion time.

Valide Sultan Mosque

For its record, the completion of the mosque took exactly 66 years and during the Mehmet IV. era. Even though the mosque was built originally on the water side, the range to the sea increased due to the fillings that were made later. Stoops on its right and left side symbolize the architectural style of Sinan the Architect and the architect Mehmet Ağa. Moreover, the height of its dome symbolizes it too.

Yeni Camii içi Eminönü

During the construction of the Mosque, they have built Valid Sultan mausoleum, a primary school, the Hünkar Pavilion, the Darülkurra in which they teach about how to read the Quran and a public fountain too. The restoration efforts of the mosque are being continued by the General Management Department of the Foundations.

New Mosque History

New Mosque’s construction began in 1597 by the wife of the Sultan Murat III, Safiye Sultan. Even though the foundation of the mosque laid in 1597, it was completed in 1665 during the reign of Mehmet IV. And even though it was the reign of Mehmet IV, the completion and opening of the mosque is actually happened by efforts of someone else, the mother of Mehmet, Turhan Hatice Sultan. Mother of the emperor, Turhan Hatice Sultan, struggled so hard to open this mosque for the worship and she succeeded in by many donations and etc.

Eminönü Yeni Camii Avlusu

Because of that, it got the name of Valide Sultan Mosque and contributed a lot to the silhouette of the city. The construction started by the Architect Davut Ağa and continued with the Architect Dalgıç Ahmet Ağa but after 66 years it was completed by someone another, the Architect Dalgıç Ahmet Ağa. Since it was close to the water, during the construction the water posed serious problems for the construction and this is one of the main reasons behind the delay. And because of the great fire happened in Istanbul during 1660, the mosque too was damaged harshly. After the fire, the mosque got attention from Köprülü Mehmet Paşa, which was one of the most important statesmen during that time and the Empire decided to restore it.

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