Best Hiking Trails Near Istanbul

The weather got warmer and those living in big cities began to throw themselves in parks, gardens and hiking trails. Here is a great opportunity for you to do sports and get relax!

Those who want to enjoy the summer goes to gardens and hiking areas. The hiking trails are crowded in the morning and on weekends. The residents of Istanbul are hurling themselves on the hiking trails in coastal areas and in forested areas.

The most beautiful of these routes between Tarabya and Yeniköy. Those who use bicycles or skates, as well as those who walk, prefer this park. It is possible to breathe in cafes and restaurants in Yeniköy after this track which starts from Tarabya and continues to Yeniköy without any interruption. Asdvadzadzin Gregorian Armenian Church and Aya Yorgi churches can also be visited in Yeniköy.

Hiking Trails

After all this journey if you still have time to walk you can walk through to İstinye from Yeniköy. This route is full of trees and peace.

 A Journey into History at Istanbul

You can start from Sultanahmet Square and finish your trip on Ahırkapı, you can spend hours with full of culture and history. You can also take a peacefull walk in Kadırga, which is located between Kumkapi and Cankurtaran on the southern coast of the Historical Peninsula. Especially the streets going down to the sea will take you through a time tunnel and take you a few centuries ago.

For those who want to get away from the city

The best choice for those who want to get away from the city is the walking trail in Belgrade Forests. This park, which can be walked about 7 kilometers between the trees around the lake. However, if you don’t want to see crowd, we recommend you to choose early mornings. The seaside strip between Fenerbahçe and Bostancı is the walking path preferred by who lives in Anotolian side.

Preference of young people

Caddebostan on the coast road is especially preferred by young people. In addition to those who walk in this area, bicycle or skate wearers are also frequently encountered. Signboards that are designed to allow you to see the distance you walked on this coastline.

Hiking Trails

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