Best Books and Novels of Istanbul

Throughout its history, Istanbul has attracted travelers, writers and poets. It is also possible to say that the city, which has a magical and impressive atmosphere, is a place for many romans. Moreover, some writers have identified with the city so much as to give their names to the streets of Istanbul. Especially in the 19th and 20th centuries, we see that Istanbul attracts foreign authors.

Of course, it is not possible to say that every writer successfully depicts Istanbul. However, some have interpreted the exotic identity of Istanbul quite well, and the city we live in when we read allows us to discover once again.

Books and Novels About Istanbul

> Lady Mary Wortley Montagu – Turkish Embassy Letters

bookThe Oriental Letters, although not much of a “novel” category, was a book that should be included in this list. This book is made up of letters written by friends in England between 1717-18 of Lady Montagu, the wife of the English ambassador. We find rare examples of Turkish poetry in this book, which has been witnessed by a European woman discovering the Ottoman Empire.




> Claude Farrere – L’homme qui Assassina

Claude Farrere – L’homme qui AssassinaIt is useful to mention Claude Farrere before talking about the roman. Farrere is a French writer known as “Turkish friend”. So much so that I have visited Turkey numerous times during the National Struggle, Ataturk and national struggle of opinions have been written in newspapers in France testekle the articles.

This novel by Farrere, written in 1906, is unfortunately not translated to our language. Roman explains what happened to Sir Archibald Galkland, who was in charge of military fire in the French embassy in Istanbul after falling in love with a woman. Once again, Loring de Archibald, who is in Istanbul, falls in love with the wife he wants to leave, and Archibald will find himself in a tough fight.


> Graham Green – Stamboul Train

Graham Green – Stamboul TrainThe hazy and dreary atmosphere of Istanbul inspired many writers. Graham Green, the famous British detective / thriller writer, is among those who have found inspiration in this city.

The novel, translated into Turkish as Eastern Expression, starts with a normal business trip. Myatt, a Jewish business man who travels to Istanbul for a job, sees that a man named Coral Musker is in a difficult situation and shares his compartment with him. Dr. Paul Czinner is a trendy socialist leader. After the arrest of Czinner, Coral will be arrested on suspicion of being his supporter. Myatt is in love with Coral and takes action to save him.


> Georges Simenon – Eminönü’nde Avrenos Meyhanesi

Georges Simenon, considered by many critics as the strongest name in police literature, is among the foreign authors interested in Istanbul. Simenon began writing in 1933 when he visited Istanbul.

Georges Simenon – Eminönü’nde Avrenos Meyhanesi

Roma, which officials at Turkey’s embassy in France tells the story of Bernard de JONSAC. Jonsac wants to avoid being deported from a 17-year-old belly and marries her. This marriage is going to put Jonsac in a very difficult situation and will launch an adventure extending to Ankara.

Avrenos Meyhane was broadcasted as a TV film in France in 1996. Famous actor Menderes Samancılar also starred in this film.

> Alistari Maclane – Guns of Navarone

Alistari Maclane – Guns of NavaroneThe Scottish writer Alistair Maclane is also known for his interest in maritime history. Guns Of Navarone tells of the naval battle known as the Battle of Navarin in our history. The tension between the Ottomans and Britain was successfully explained in the roman. An important part of the novel is in Istanbul, and the period of Istanbul is described very successfully.




> Edmondo de Amicis – İstanbul

Edmondo de Amicis – İstanbulWe can say that the Westerners began to fully explore the Ottoman Empire, and thus Istanbul, in the 1800s. Of course, merchants, mission officials, soldiers came and went to this city before, but the discovery of writers like Edmondo de Amicis is another character.

Edmondo de Amicis was quite fascinated by the mystical structure of Istanbul, which he came to in the 1870s. The city takes a look at this book, considering that travelers and travelers who have traveled before have been unable to tell Istanbul. We can say that the city where the Turks, the Armenians and the Greeks lived together, was described by a skilled observer.

> Dennis Wheatley – İstanbul’un Hadımı

The establishment of the Republic and the declaration of the independence of the Turks did not enjoy many circles. This novel by Dennis Wheatley makes the situation a good cartoon. Roman conquest in the newly formed management have an impact on whether Turkey has pursued an Arab prince enthusiasm. Prince Ali seems determined in this activity, and stopping him will fall into an old British army member.

> Gregg Loomis – Kıpti Sırrı

Gregg Loomis – Kıpti SırrıDespite being a fascinating novel, he was very weak in describing Istanbul and applied to the clergy. Describes an American secret service agent pursuing a mysterious sect. An important part of the novel, which started in the US, is in Istanbul. Although there is no sense to be perceived as “insulting”, it is a book that tells us that “the ephesus read from the gigantic mosques on the Anatolian side is heard from the Islands”. So unfortunately it is not a work that can be stripped off from a typical, medievalist point of view. Still, if you’re looking for an immersive adventure novel



> Jenny White – Habeş Kanıtı

American sociologist Jenny White, one of the authors who most recently been interested in Turkey. While it is a long time lived in Fatih, it has many research books on Turkey. We can say that the Evidence Evidence is one of the best historical novels in Istanbul.

The novel begins in 1453. Isaak Metochites, who tried to defend the Byzantine against the Turks, is assigned to protect the ark entrusted to him by an angel. However, the crate will be found four hundred years later. Kamil Pasha is investigating a gang that sells antiques stolen from glass and churches to Europe, while dealing with serial killings with signs left on corpses. The clues she gained from all these investigations lead him to a cult that lives in the cisterns and is formed by former slaves. The ark will also be revealed and the secret will be learned.

The Evidence of Abyss is known as the first book of “Kamil Pasha” series.

> Yesho Atil – On Freedom Street

Unfortunately Atil’s book has not yet been translated into Turkish. The book tells two different lives of a child named Mehmet. Born in a village in Adana, Mehmet will face difficulties in life in Istanbul. While working with Erdemir’s family, he will remain between friendship with a woman in his fifty years old named Asia, and his relationship with his neighbor, Oya.

This novel, which we can translate into Turkish on Freedom Street, successfully explains the power of loyalty and tradition. It is also worth noting that Yesho Atil has successfully observed Turkish society and people.

> Şarlo İstanbul’da

Şarlo İstanbul’daUnfortunately, it is not known who this writer is based on Charlie Chaplin’s famous character, Charlo. However, we can say that Turkish was earned by Peyami Safa, who used the nickname Server Bedi.

In the years 1922-23, we have seen the serade, published in some newspapers in France, as a partner of Nick Parter in Istanbul. Parter, Nick, Nick Carter’s imitation of one of the famous detective fiction of the period … with the help of a parter engaged Sarlo, is worried about coming his fiancée in Turkey. Many rumors have spread about the behavior of the Turks against women, and Sharro fears a deep fear that his wife will be turned off and taken over by a man. Fortunately he should come to Istanbul with Nick Parter. By realizing how meaningless the fear is in Istanbul, on the contrary it will realize that the British persecute the Turks.

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