Amusement Parks in Istanbul

Amusement Parks are among the essential places of Istanbul. If you wish to return to your childhood in Istanbul, you can visit the amusement parks in Istanbul to have a pleasant day with your family. In the amusement parks, which have many kinds of toy units as a result of the developing technology and increasing opportunities, you will be fascinated by them. Already now, have a good time.

Istanbul Amusement Parks: Vialand

Being the first theme park of Istanbul, it serves with unlimited entertainment since 2013. You can do many amusing activities in this theme park located at Eyüp district of Istanbul. There are also shopping centers and hotels in Vialand so you can have a good time in this park with your family.


There are around 30 units in the theme park, which covers a wide area. It may be called as Turkish version of Disneyland which have amusing tools for different age groups. Among the breathtaking units and tools are ”Nefeskesen (Breathtaking), Viking, Maceraperest (Adventurer) and Adalet Kulesi (Justice tower). In addition, among the toys for the small age groups are: hero firefighters, mini-tower, flying toys, carousel, brave drivers and more.

You can have fun in this park with a ticket during the all day. Ticket fees are 99 Turkish liras for adults; 89 Turkish Liras for those over 60 ages, companions of handicapped people, 5-9 ages student groups, handicapped people and children. The theme park is open between 10.00- 18.00 hours.

Address: Yeşilpınar Street, Şehit Metin Kaya Avenue No.11, Eyüp / Istanbul

Telephone: 0212 600 01 00

Bakırköy Amusement Park

Located at just behind Bakırköy market, the amusement park is a place where you can go with both your friends and your family. You can use every toys you want by buying a ticket for each toy unit. Among the most prominent tools are ferries wheel, gondola, bumper cars and carousel.

Bakırköy Amusement Park

You can easily reach Bakırköy amusement park with metro, metrobus and your personal car. And it may be a good choice to entertain your children as well.

Address: Osmaniye Street, Bakırköy / Istanbul

Eyup Amusement Park

The amusement park located in the historic Feshane Park in Eyüp has a magnificent view of the Golden Horn.

Eyup Amusement Park

You can find everything from inflatable raceways and awesome tea gardens to the snack stands. Known as the Feshane Children’s Entertainment Park, the fun park is open every day of the week between 08.00 – 01.00.

Address: Eski Defterdar Avenue next to Feshane Building, Eyüp / Istanbul

Telephone: 0212 674 05 23

Kavaklı Amusement Park

The Kavaklı Amusement Park, which is a haunt place for all ages, offers an amusing day with its large space and numerous entertainment units. If you live around the Küçükçekmece, you can easily reach this park. There are some units such as discovery, kamikaze, gondola, crazy dance, ballerina, balloon, train and plane.

Kavaklı Amusement Park

Address: Fatih Street, 27 May Avenue, Küçükçekmece / Istanbul

Telephone: 0212 426 04 08

Bostanci Amusement Park: If you are looking for an amusement park near Anatolia, Bostanci Lunapark, which is one of the first places that you have to come to mind, has offered fun for all ages since 1983.

There are some units such as gondola, kamikaze, flying chair, horror tunnel, caterpillar, train, fighting tools, small pilots. So you will have a pleasant time with your family. If you go to this park from Kadıköy, you can reach it with blue minibuses.

Address: Bostancı Street, Mehmet Şevki Pasha Avenue. Kadık öy / Istanbul

Telephone: 0216 410 11 11

Moi Park

Moi Park, known as the entertainment colony and serving the indoor area, has full of adrenaline and joyful times for all ages. Moi Park is the biggest closed theme park in Europe.In addition, it is also known as the first theme park in Turkey.

Moi Park

On the top floor, there are units, swings and toys for children between 4-10 ages and on the lower floor, there are some units for 10 years and older people. You can choose these places for having fun in the colourful atmosphere.

Moi Park is open between 10.00- 22.00 hours.You need to pay a certain amount of credit for each of the units. To do this, You can load money to the card which you take in the netry of the park.

Address: İkitelli Osb / Başakşehir / İstanbul

Telephone: 0212 801 10 60

Fun Lab

This amusement park located at Cevahir Shopping Center offers you to have fun and joy.  There are 4 different branches of Fun Lab that you can go to with your friends or your family.

Fun Lab

The Fun Lab, which you can also find at Forum Istanbul, manages to entertain its visitors for all age. You can find many units such as crazy shark, bam bam, zombie, alabora (overturn), tower and wave. Fun Lab is open between 10.00 – 22.00 every day of the week.

Address: 19 May Street, Cevahir Shopping Center, Büyükdere AvenueNo.22, Şişli / Istanbul

Telephone: 0212 380 13 43

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