Among the Best Views of Istanbul: Çamlıca Hill

Among the Best Views of Istanbul: Çamlıca Hill

The famous Çamlıca Hill is among the places for the best views of Istanbul. Istanbul is truly a city that never stops amazing. For those who live in or just passing by Istanbul, Çamlıca will serve as a relaxing place with its two different parts, the Great Çamlıca Hill (Büyük Çamlıca Tepesi) and the Small Çamlıca Hill. Both of these hills will give you a pleasant time to spend. It is located in the Asian part of the City and Çamlıca is one of the seven hills of Istanbul. From that hill, you can experience a panoramic view of this metropolitan city and you can even see the Bosphorus or two bridges between the two continents of Istanbul. On some days, you can even see Sultanahmet if the air is clear and try to find Sura Hotel among all the beauties of Sultanahmet. This hill is not so popular for tourists and because of that it will give you a perspective out of ”touristic point of view.”

Apart from its scenery, you can take advantage of the fresh air of that hill which is 262 meters high from the sea level. Even though we refer to it as a hill, there are lots of restaurants and a gigantic social complex too. You can have a breakfast or a nice dinner with the Istanbul view at this great hill. Or you can just have a coffee or a hot and nice Turkish tea. It is so popular among the Istanbulites, people come here to take wedding photographs too.

Small Çamlıca Hill

This hill is higher 229 meters up from the sea level and attracts many visitors with its Çamlıca Grove, Sofa, Cihannüma and Topkapı Mansions. The popularity of this magnificent hill dates back to the Ottoman Empire as you can guess from the mansion names. In this hill too, you can find many traditional Turkish foods served by the social complex restaurant.

How to Get to the Çamlıca Hill?

If you want to get to this place, which is among the best views of Istanbul, you need to arrive at the Anatolian Side and then to Üsküdar. The easiest way for the hill with public transportation is buses. First, you need to arrive at the Üsküdar and then from there you can take 11A, 11D, 11E, 11F, 11G, 11K, 11L, 11P, 11ST, 11V, 11ÜS, 320, 9A, 9Ç, 9ÜD or 9Ş bus lines and just get off at the Turistik Çamlıca Tesisleri bus stop.

But if you want to go from Taksim, you can just take the 129T bus which goes directly to the hill.

For private cars, the NATO road will take you to the hill with its signboards.

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