A Unique Experience With Sura Design Hotels & Suites

In the heart of the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul Roman Empire’s “Hippodrome“, the Ottoman Empire’s “Horse Square”, Turkey’s “Sultan Ahmet Square” in Sura Design Hotel & Suites, you are the cradle of civilizations invites Istanbul’s full heart.

Being part of a dream that meets the unique beauty, dynamism and vitality of the mega city that combines the two continents at Sura Design Hotel & Suites, known for its proximity to all historical and cultural sites, from the center of the city.

Sura Design Hotel & Suites with its concept architecture, distinguished and different decorations, rooms designed differently with VIP service concept, modern and healthy private kitchen, a place where you will find all you need…

Our hotel is walking distance to Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum, Basilica Palace, Blue Mosque, Archeology Museum and Grand Bazaar, which are known as places worth seeing historical and fairytale city. Also our hotel provides you with easy access to the Bosphorus tours which are believed to be never forgotten thanks to its unique location and you can easily adapt your daily schedule.

Special Designed Floors

Sura Design Hotel & Suites is specially designed in 4 different colors on different floors, in addition to Istanbul’s personal service concept and quality. The amber, turquoise, lapis and silver floors that combine with the dancing of the colors are both ostentatious, as well as modern and noble designs.

Amber Floor: Contemporary, luxurious and design with a perfect atmosphere. The symbol of elegance is designed with rooms, cream and yellow color.

Turquoise Floor: A good choice for those who want to feel good, comfortable, comfortable and safe.

Lapis Floor: Fire passion and romance. You can also live comfortably in the same time when you are revived with the history of Istanbul.

Silver Floor: A shine of Silk Road and a piece of heaven. Discover the prestigious history charm, poetry and atmosphere in the heart of the old city… All rooms are designed in silver, black and pink.

Best Hotel in Istanbul

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