A Unique Breakfast at Fethi Pasha Grove

The magnificent view of the Bosphorus and its historical, cultural and social surroundings attract people of Fethi Pasha Grove, whose doors are open to everyone. You can have a nice breakfast on the shore, or you can eat lounging on a table overlooking the throat.

The staff are courteous at every respect, the service is fast, the tables are clean. Even if it plays Turkish art music, the evenings are even more enjoyable. The prices are also very reasonable due to the fact that it is a social facility. It’s a nice place to go when you go to Üsküdar.

The Fethi Pasha Grove, located in Istanbul, Üsküdar province, from Fethi Ahmet Pasha, a famous Ottoman vizier, is known as an oxygen depot. Fethi Pasha, who is a master of the Bosphorus view, has opportunities to walk, relax and eat.

Fethi Paşa Grove Environmental Regulatory Affairs

What Does Fethi Pasha Grove Offer

You can watch the magnificent scenery from Sarayburnu to Ortaköy from the viewing balcony while enjoying a delicious meal in Fethi Pasha Social Facility located on the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus and known as the oxygen storage of this region.

Fethi Pasha Social Facility offers a chance to get away from the noisy environment of the city by taking advantage of walking and jogging areas in Istanbul and resting in restaurants, cafes and tea gardens.

In Fethi Pasha Social Facility, the beauty symbol of Istanbul is making an unforgettable throat joy with its green pine trees and mystical scent. Fethi Paşa Social Facilities; has been offering taste, hygiene and quality service for years.

Fethi Pasa Grove and views-Istanbul

History of Fethi Pasha Grove

Since he married Sultan Abdülmecit’s sister, Atiye Sultan, Ottoman sources also mention Fethi Ahmet Pasha as a “groom”. Fethi Ahmet Pasha, who while he was Tophane Marshal, took Aya İrini out of a warehouse where old weapons were kept and transformed it into a museum by equipping it with archeological artifacts collected from various ills. He was also known as the state officer who initiated the first archaeological excavations in Sultanahmet Square in 1847.

After Fethi Ahmet Pasha, the grove was neglected because it was abandoned to fate between 1960 and 1980 after being shared among the rights holders. Lawyer Şevket Mocan, one of the heirs of Fethi Pasha, transferred his own feeling to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1958. After this date, other sensible places in the Fethi Pasha Grove called “Mocan Grove” for a while were expropriated by the municipality. Two mansions were restored by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and it was presented to Istanbul residents as a social facility in 2003.

Fethi Paşa Grove's beauty

Breakfast at Fethi Pasha Grove

Restored by the Metropolitan Municipality and served to the service of the people of Istanbul, Fethi Pasha has the opportunity to have breakfast at the sight of the Bosphorus.

It is an opportunity not to be missed to relax, to find peace, and to have breakfast in the Bosphorus view in an environment where unique examples of Turkish breakfast cultures are included.

Where and How to Go to Fethi Pasha’s Grove

It is possible to reach Fethi Pasha Korusu at Paşa Limanı Caddesi in the Istanbul province of Üsküdar by buses which are getting off from Pasha Port stop. It is also possible to reach Fethi Paşa Grove by passing through the Kuzguncuk pier and passing through Nacak Street, proceeding from Beylerbeyi Road exit of the Bosphorus Bridge to the port of Paşa Port. Beykoz-Üsküdar, Kirazlıtepe-Üsküdar IETT buses are also used to provide transportation to the province.

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