8 Things To Do In Istanbul At Night – Part 2

8 Things To Do In Istanbul At Night – Part 2

We will continue our Things to do In Istanbul article with part 2.

Moonlight Tour With Friends or Loved Ones at the Bosphorus

One of the luckiest aspects of living or staying in Istanbul is the Bosphorus without a doubt. You can watch the sunset or sunrise at any time with anyone. Especially during full moonlight nights. The Bosphorus will transform into something from outer-world during these times and take your loved ones or friends to there can be a unique thing to do. Moreover, you can increase this joy by cooling off in the Bosphorus viewed Çırağan Palace pool. Or just having a nice tea across the Maiden’s Tower in Üsküdar. If you are one of these breakfast people you can just have a breakfast at Rumelian Fortress too. It is actually up to you and there are many options.

Beylerbeyi İstanbul Boğazı

Enjoying Istanbul with a Cold Drink At the Cihangir Park

It is free to be amazed by the view of Cihangir Sanatkarlar Park, located in Taksim. In this park to where you can go from Karaköy and Taksim, a cold drink would be best for you. Maybe a beer or a cold filter coffee. It is up to you. The view of the Ortaköy Mosque and it’s beyond will influence you with their beauty. The history of Mosque dates back to 1856 and the style of it shows the examples of Neo-Baroque Style.

Cihangir Merdivenleri Manzarası

Having a Glass of Boza From Vefa Bozacisi

After the changeover to Islam religion by the Ottoman Empire and Murad IV, lots of alcoholic beverages had been banned and drinks such as boza and şıra (non-alcoholic grape juice) became popular. Vefa Bozacisi is the king of Boza in Istanbul and their original recipe from these ages. It is kind of a hot roasted chickpea but we have to say you should try this at cold nights of Istanbul. Vefa Bozacisi first opened at 1876 but it is still active and running as a family business.


Eating a Steamed Burger at Kızılkayalar, Istiklal Avenue

Steamed burgers are among the symbols of Istiklal with their unprecedented taste. This is definitely one of the things to do in Istanbul. Don’t let the view of these fool you because you will fall in love in the first bite. It is a symbol of Istiklal as much as the old gothic structures. It is one of these irreplaceable activities to do at night in Istanbul.

Islak Hamburger

Best Hotel in Istanbul

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