8 Nearby Places That You Can Move Away From The Intensity of Istanbul

Istanbul is a truly fascinating city with all the secret heavens inside.

Every district and spot of Istanbul is separately beautiful but there are some routes where people go come back to their homes in peace. Here, we wanted you to spend a day of your stressful lives in peace and that’s why we searched the most beautiful and peaceful nearby places of Istanbul for you.

No matter how much we love Istanbul sometimes this city comes over us. We seek a breakpoint while we try to deal with the stress of business and traffic. Here we listed 8 beautiful places for you that you can find comfort even for a couple of days.

Atatürk Arboretum

Atatürk Arboretum which is located in Sarıyer opens his door between 9.30 am and 19.30 pm for nature lovers every day. It’s really optimal to spend a serene day in many kinds of plants and trees and also to take nature photographs!


Yıldız Park

A historical park in Beşiktaş, Yıldız Park… The park that its foundation dates back to Ottoman times has two big pools and pavilions which are Malta Köşk and Çadır Köşk inside. When stepping in Yıldız Park these pavilions located in the left side and today they serve as cafe and restaurant. Breakfast is an amazing excuse to run away from the intensity of İstanbul.


Kilimli Bay

Our suggestion for those who want to run away from the intensity of İstanbul for a long time but don’t want to move away so much is Kilimli Bay. It’s actually a camping area. It’s also soaring for both people who want a day trip and also people who want to spend a weekend with a camp life.


Değirmenburnu Picnic Area

This place is Heybeliada. The joy of summer and the joy of winter in islands are utterly different. You can get rest either with your hamper or renting a barbecue in Değirmenburnu Nature Park where you can come to and picnic every season.


Hagia Yorgi Peak

When we told that every season’s joy in islands is different, we couldn’t help ourselves to add Aya Yorgi Peak to our list. When you come to Büyükada, you can’t leave the island without going up the hill! You can go up Aya Yorgi which has a great view either by walking, cycling or riding a donkey. We said to” go up” because we should warn you that this road is really long and arduous.


Belgrad Forest

Belgrad Forest which had seen Byzantine and Ottoman is a discoverable place. Whence it’s a very large area, you may get tired of walking. We recommend you to take your bicycles with you.


Kaymakdonduran Picnic Area

Kaymakdonduran which is in Beykoz borders and has every tone of green is, in fact, a comfort place… It’s encircled with chestnuts and has a very clean air. It’s visiting hours are 9.00 am to 12.00 am.



Another beauty in Beykoz borders is Polonezköy. It was a polish village and that’s how it got its name. With its nature, you will know the true definition of peace in this beautiful area. From farms to fascinating breakfast places, it has a lot to offer.



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