7 Things To Do In A Day In Gökçeada!

7 Things To Do In A Day In Gökçeada

What can be done in a day in Gökçeada? Where to go? Here, we listed for you.

Gökçeada or with the Greek name Imbros is among the pearls of the North Aegean Sea. In these North Aegean islands, you will witness cultural roots of humanity, and the first landscapes at which the philosophy, democracy and everything about the mıodernism had been born. Civilization had risen from these islands and the Gökçeada is one of them. In this beautiful island, you can see history, folklore artifacts, world art examples, authentic patterns, and green and blue shades a lot. You can do hiking, cycling, windsurfing, kitesurfing and of course Scuba diving in this unique place.

Gökçeada which has the most beautiful untouched bays is the biggest island in Turkey. With its splendid bays and the streets that consist of historical Greek houses, Gökçeada has the atmosphere that makes you feel yourself in a fairy tale. If you wonder about what should do in Gökçeada where you can find such beauties together, the answers are in the article! Its clean waters and untouched lands draw both domestic and foreign tourists. With the pine trees of discrete tones of green and the solid olive groves are nestled sacred springs and monasteries. The charming island of Gokceada is the biggest island in Turkey and is best explored by car.

Be The Last Person Who Watches The Sunset

At the top of activities in Gökçeada which makes you feel yourself differently and witness closely to the unique view, is to watch the sunset in Gizli Liman Beach located in Uğurlu Village which is Turkey’s most western point. You can be the last one watching the sunset in the whole country and testify this magical view closely.


625 Years Old

Tepeköy Çınaraltı is one the most visited spots of the tours organized to Gökçeada. When you see a giant, 625-year-old buttonwood you will be fascinated. You can drink water from the historical fountain under the tree, can see Gökçeada from a birds-eye-view, can have a picnic under the magical ambiance created by a giant buttonwood that is centuries-old, can spend great times.


Lake Tuz

Don’t ever come back without seeing this natural wonder meeting the need of salt of local people. If you were in Gökçeada especially in summer, you could see that the surface of the lake would be totally white.



One of the first places that should be visited in Gökçeada is Kaleköy. Having a lot of rest areas, being an old Greek village and having the best view of Semadirek Island of Greece, here is totally a place to see.


Not Without Wine Room

Islands are generally famous for their wine rooms. If you want to taste the great wines of Gökçeada or the tastiest gummy pudding which is special to the island, you should add Zeytinli to the top of your list. It has also a texture that will make you amaze with its pristine streets and Greek houses.


Sualtı National Park

A marine Park is established for different reasons such as to protect the specific marine site, to guarantee the habitats which are essential for the endangered and endemic species, to show the underwater beauty to the public, to increase the public awareness on the marine conservation issue, to conduct marine objective studies. Marine National Park is one of Turkey’s firsts in Gökçeada. You should absolutely visit Turkey’s first sub-aqua national park.



For those who are diving enthusiasts and wonder the natural beauties, Yıldızkoy should be the first place to be visited. Hunting ban was introduced in this bay that consists of rocks without sand to protect the natural marine flora. You can testify to this gorgeous natural beauty closely by diving.


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