The 7 Hills of Istanbul

The definition of “7 hills of Istanbul” describes the seven hills that dominate the surrounding area, which is evident in the old city of Istanbul. It is known that Istanbul is a city with seven hills, just like the Roman city in Italy, is influential in the election of the capital.

Where are these 7 hills located in Istanbul?

These seven hills, which are clearly visible before being influenced by modern architecture, are located within the city walls of the real Istanbul:

1- Sarayburnu (Topkapi)

2- Çemberlitaş (Nuruosmaniye Mosque)

3- Suleymaniye (Beyazit)

4- Fatih (Fatih Mosque)

5- Yavuz Selim (Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque)

6- Edirnekapı (Mihrimah Sultan Mosque)

7- Kocamustafapaşa (Çapa – Haseki)

Istanbul 7 Hill Names

These peaks are known by the name of their neighborhood or their works on it.

First Hill of Istanbul Sarayburnu: This hill which is the first place that Megari King Byzas set up for the city; It was a very logical choice because it was turned into sea by 3 sides and the land was higher than sea level. Already Fatih Sultan Mehmet had preferred this valuable end of the Historical Peninsula to the palace of the empire.

Sarayburnu Hill or Topkapi Hill is also called as this hill, 30 meters above sea level is high. Along with Topkapi Palace; Haghia Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque, Ibrahim Pasha Palace, Million Stone and German Fountain are also on this hill.

Second Hill of Istanbul Çemberlitaş: It is about 40 meters higher than the sea level. The most obvious works; Çemberlitaş, Nuruosmaniye Mosque and Çorlulu Ali Paşa Madrasah. Some experts also count Egyptian Bazaar in this class.

Third Hill of Istanbul Süleymaniye: Perhaps the most obvious hill in this region, especially when traveling by ferry is very attention. This hill, which is 50 meters above sea level, looks even more magnificent with the Süleymaniye Complex. Beyazit Mosque and Istanbul University are also located here.

Forth Hill of Istanbul Fatih Complex: This is the most important hill in history. It was in this place that the Church of the Apostle of Rome (the church dedicated to the 12 apostles of the Prophet Jesus) was in the place where the Fatih Mosque was built.

Fifth Hill of Istanbul Yavuz Sultan Selim Hill: Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque is located on the hill overlooking the Golden Horn (you should definitely see the magnificent view from the garden of the glass) located in Çarşamba district and on a steep hillside. This hill, 50 meters high from the Golden Horn, also houses the Kariye Mosque and Fener Greek Patriarchate.

Sixth Hill of Istanbul Mihrimah Sultan Mosque: Mihrimah Sultan is the daughter of Süleyman the Magnificent. At the time Tekfur Palace was also taking place here. At this point, 70 meters higher than sea level, there were the most dominant places of surveillance of the land walls.

Seventh Hill of Istanbul Kocamustafapaşa: There is a Haseki Complex dating from the Ottoman Empire in this region, rising 60 m from the sea level. During the Roman period, the Arkadius Forum and the column were located.

The Hills Outside the Walls

There are many hills in Istanbul besides 7 hills in the city walls. Let us recall a few hills of Istanbul that are very well known and outside the city walls: Çamlıca Hill with a view, Yusha Hill with a spiritual value for Muslims and the historic Fikirtepe which is located between the first settlements outside the city.

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