6 Routes In Istanbul To Have Enjoy With Silence

The beauty of Istanbul doesn’t change the fact that it’s tiring city. Sometimes we dream of having silence in All around of Istanbul thanks to one key. Did you bored from noise of Istanbul or dont you wanna stay under stress? There are several resting places for you.

If you want to stay away from the crowd of city, you have following six ideas.

1- Kılıç Ali Pasha Mosque

Kilic ali pasa mosque which is one of the last works of mimar Sinan is escape point Thank to its location alongside being similar to Hagia sophia. When you are bored of crowd of Karakoy,you can get quiet in the peaceful courtyard of the mosque.


2- Galata Mevlevihane Museum

If you are walking on the Istiklal street or taksim,it’s really convenient place to have relax. There is also cemetary  called Hamusan which means quiet house north of the museum. It has one of the biggest backyard of Istanbul which you can have fun with cads to stay away from stress.

Galata Mevlevi Museum (1)

3- Fethi Pasha Grove

It is one of the most impressive place in Istanbul for those who want to stay together with nature. The woods from Üskudar to Kuzguncuk have a beautiful view. Moreover, you can walk along Palm tree and birds sounds.

Fethi Paşa Grove

4- Borusan Contemporary

It is one of te favourite museum in Istanbul where gives people peace. After seeing the original works of the new media art in Perili Kosk, go the terraces and take a breath of the throat air.


5- Kadıköy History, Literature and Art Library

HistoricAl town hall which was restorated opposite of Besiktas ferry bridge and nowadays it is being used as a library. If you Are bored from the working at starbucks, it May be preference.

Kadıköy Şehremaneti Tarih, Edebiyat ve Sanat Kütüphanesi

6- Zanaat Atelye

It was established in garden of old french orphanage. It May be great option on muggy and hot days. It is now closed but it will reopened when the Weather is clear.


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