50 Places to Visit In Istanbul – Part 5

41- Istanbul Fire Department Museum

It was built by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and as many examples from the history of Turkish firefighters and fire departments. It is located in Fatih, within the Fire Department General Management building. Inside of the building

42- Cağaloğlu Hamamı (Bathhouse)

It was built in 1741, in order to get some revenue for the Hagia Sophia library and the Hagia Sophia Mosque. It was built by the order of Mahmut I and was designed by the Süleyman the Architect. The engineer of the construction was Abdullah Agha. The Cağaloğlu Hamamı or bathhouse is still active and still one of the bathhouses ever built to date. The steam rooms of this beautiful structure are lavishly arched and domed and decorated with tulip tiles which brought from Iznik.

43- The Column of Constantine (Burnt Column)

The column was initially erected on 11 May 330 (yes seriously) by Constantine the Great to celebrate the designation of Constantinople, the new capital city of the great Roman Empire. Constantine I was dismantled this column from the Temple of Apollo and erected it to the Forum Constantine with today’s name. According to a myth, during the construction phase, they have brought some special artifacts from the Jerusalem, which belongs to Jesus Christ. The column is located somewhere between the Sultanahmet square, Beyazıt, and Hagia Sophia. It is one of the most historic structures in Istanbul and quietly listens to the history of Istanbul for years and centuries.

44-The Obelisk (Dikilitaş)

The Obelisk or the Dikilitaş, is located on the south side of Sultanahmet Square and it was built by the Emperor Theodosius I AD 390. Theodosius I brought the obelisk with a ship to the Istanbul and erected it to today’s place in the Hippodrome. The stone was first built by the third Egypt Pharoah Thutmose BC 15th century and was erected in the south side of Carnac temple. Before it was placed in Istanbul, Roman emperor Constantius II brought the Obelisk from Egypt to the Alexandria with the ship over the Nile River in order to celebrate his 20th year on the throne. It is still one of the most important historical artifacts in Istanbul and you can see the Obelisk and the Column of Constantine next to each other.

45- Rahmi M. Koc Museum 

Rahmi M. Koc Museum is one of the biggest museums in Istanbul and it has any work of art from Industry and Mechanic, to the Science, Research and General World Knowledge. Initially, the museum started with extensive personal collections of the Museum’s owner, Mr. Rahmi M. Koç. Nowadays the collection has over 90 cars and motorcycles, several aircraft, trams, railway locomotives, boats, and even a Second World War submarine. Rahmi Koc is one of the richest people in Turkey so it is not a surprise. Besides these, there are also many cafes and places to relax inside of the Museum. Inside of the museum you can even find pieces such as Bell AH-1 Cobra military helicopter, 1938 Rolls Royce Wraith, Morris Mini-Cooper, White Aviation Fuel Tanker and many more.

46- Vefa Bozacisi

After the acceptance of Islam by the Ottoman Empire and Murad the fourths ban against cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, drinks such as boza and şıra (non-alcoholic grape juice) started to became popular in Istanbul. Mr. Hacı Sadık started to produce boza with a different style which was more liquid at these days. And he said ”Eureka” by himself after making this historical drink. It is best to consume this special drink with hot roasted chickpea. Vefa Bozacısı is still active and a family-run operation since the first opening in 1876. You can see the stones in the entrance is worn by all the traffic through the years but the Boza always stay the same. It is actually the bridge between the young and old generations of Istanbul.

47- The Haydarpaşa Terminal 

This railway station is actually the largest and most fascinating railway station and it was built in the 20th century by a non-turk, German architects named Otto Ritter and Helmuth Cuno. Like the German Fountain, during the constructing of the terminal the Germany and Turkey was having close relationships. The architectural style of the station is neo-renaissance. After the construction, it was opened for service on 19 August 1908. Since it was the only stop for those coming from Anatolia to Istanbul, it had witnessed many great memories through the years. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s himself too used this station for many times during the world war.

48- 1453 Panorama Istanbul Museum

The 1453 Panorama Istanbul Museum in which you can witness the conquest of Istanbul with 3D technology, is a gift from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to the city of Istanbul. By being built very close to the real situation, you can experience the first steps to the fortress guarding the Istanbul and the collapsing of so-called ”indestructible” walls. Inside the museum, especially sound and visual effects are on the front and they will give you goosebumps.

49- Fethi Pasha Grove

The Fethi Pasha Grove is one of the oldest and most famous summer resorts of Istanbul. Today it is being operated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and it offers a fascinating Bosphorus view. It is a perfect spot for a good trip and an away day from Istanbul. It is located on the coastal road of Üsküdar and you just can’t miss a beauty like that. Just grab your picnic basket and tell your loved one, you are going for a ride!

50- Jale Kuşhan Wax Museum

The Wax Museum which started with coincidences and brought to our country by an opportunist entrepreneur is a very hard thing to do. In order to do a wax sculptor, you need to learn this hard artisanship and need to use human organs letter-perfect. In this art branch, there are examples that even dead peoples’ graves had been reopened and used traces from their DNA’s. In this museum, you can find Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Levent Kırca, Elvis Presley, Leonardo Da Vinci, Karl Marx, Rumi, Napoleon, and Dostoyevsky.

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