50 Places to Visit In Istanbul – Part 4

31- The Pera Palace

The Pera Palace Hotel is actually one of the first and most luxurious hotels in Istanbul and Turkey. The reason behind its construction is the famous Orient Express. During the time, the express was passing by from Istanbul too and there wasn’t luxurious enough hotel to meet the needs of French and European rich people. It was among the hotels that Atatürk had visited frequently too. Moreover, it has a reserved table for infinity because of the Atatürk. It was the first and last table that Atatürk had his dinner inside of the hotel. It was the first hotel to bring streaming hot water and elevator services during that time and inspired many other hotels to do so. The Pera Palace can be classified as the catalyzer of the competitiveness for Hotels in Turkey.

32- The Yıldız Palace

The Palace was used by the Ottoman Emperors as a hunting lodge and during a time it was used as a center of management in case the Dolmabahçe could be attacked from the sea.It is so big that inside the palace you can see three different mansions, one huge theatre, and one fascinating library and some government departments too.

33- Vialand 

As the first thematic part of the Turkey, Vialand offers an unprecedented amusement park experience similar to American and French Disneyland. It is so big that the borders of the park actually located inside of two county borders. Inside the park, you can find Roller Coaster, Splash Coaster, Crazy River and many more. It is not just an amusement park because it also has a really enormous shopping mall, food court, and 4 other thematic parks.

34- Istanbul Aquarium

The Istanbul Aquarium is the worlds largest thematic aquarium and with its species, themes, rainforests, it is a contestant for the best aquarium too. There are 16 different themes from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea within the aquarium and it will take your whole day on good terms. Inside of the themes, everything made %100 consistent with the reality and there is a huge staff working for the aquarium to keep that balance.

35- Via Port

Being one of the biggest outlet shopping centers in Istanbul, Via Port is located inside of the Anatolian Side, Kurtköy. You can find hundreds of local and foreign brands of retail shops. Besides that, there is also a horse riding area and food court too. You can find quality brands every day of the year in this lovely shopping mall. It is generally crowded with lots of Arabic tourists.

36- The Ataturk Museum

The founder of the Turkish Republic, Atatürk has many memories in this museum. It was the place that Ataturk stayed after his return from the Syrian front. And since that time, it has undergone many restoration processes and is a prominent museum with all the things belong to the Ataturk. You can see many unique photos and belongings about Ataturk in this fascinating museum. Atatürk had lived here during 1918 and 1919. The historical house is placed inside the Şişli and it is definitely worth a look.

37- The Ataturk Arboretum

This place is a natural wonder which was built by Istanbul University scientific research and observation department with seriously hard work. It is located inside of the famous Belgrad Forest. Even though it is lovely during every season, it has a special atmosphere in the Fall when all the leaves are falling. There are lots of epidemic species living around the arboretum and the photos you can take from this place will give you a hard time trying to convince your friends that these are from Istanbul. Even though your memory can be good enough, it is best to take a photo machine with you in any case. The area of arboretum covers 296 hectares. The Turkish meaning of arboretum means ”the place where the trees are grown”. It was first established in 1949 and later got an expansion in 1982. The name comes from the 100th birthday anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

38- The German Fountain

One of the most prominent symbols of Turk – German friendship, the German Fountain was produced in Germany and sent to Istanbul part by part. It was built for the memory of the German Emperor Wilhelm II’s second visit to Istanbul. It is located inside the Sultanahmet and one of the most important figures in it too. The fountain was built in 1898 and the friendship between two nations lasted to the First World War in which they both had lost. The initial plan of the inauguration of the fountain was to happen on 1 September 1900 but due to the dealy, it happened three weeks later.

39- The Istanbul Grand Post Office (Buyuk Postane)

As you can understand from the name, it is still the biggest post office of Istanbul. It is also one of the best buildings with Turkish architectural style. The architect of the building is also a Turkish one, Vedat Tek. You can see this enormous building in the Sirkeci which is currently the main office for Istanbul operations of the post office. Inside of the Grand Post Office, there is a mini-museum explains the post, telephone and telegraph history within Istanbul. The building completed in 4 years between 1905 and 1909. At one time in history, it also housed the Istanbul Offical Radio too.

40- The Kadiköy Bull Statue

The statue which is a symbol of the Fenerbahçe, one of the oldest football teams in the Turkish history, was built by the French sculptor İzidor Bonhevr. It was built by the French as a tour de force against the Germans and after passing a couple of places in Istanbul, it was finally managed to find its spot in Kadıköy Altiyol. If you are going into the Kadıköy and will meet with someone, it is the exact spot for you. Currently, it is nearly used by everyone as a meeting point.

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