5 Places to Work With Ease In Istanbul

Fast Wi-Fi, good coffee and comfortable chairs. If you do not have a fixed office, you already understand the importance of these three. Take a look at the places where you can work comfortably in Istanbul when you are ready to work.

Olmadik Projeler Atölyesi

The Unforgettable Projects Workshop in Balat is an uncommon workplace. While working on the top-of-the-line Tablet & Coffee, try the tasty kahves and homemade cakes. In the studio on the lower floor you can use GreenBox and SoftBox.


Unpredictable Projects Workshop is a place to meet new people and develop common projects. You can rent the venue for hourly, half-day or daily meetings.

The Allis

Located in Soho House, The Allis is open to non-club members. The daily lunch and dinner menu, 3-6 tea time and cocktail varieties guarantee you will not starve. It has a lovely garden overlooking Palazzo Corpi, a spacious lounge area with spaced armchairs and tables.


Beyazit State Library

Turkey’s first public library was renovated by the architectural Tabanlioglu. About 400 people can benefit from the library, which reflects the harmony between historical texture and modern architecture. The library has Small and large reading rooms, a special division serving visually impaired readers, and an archive with 1 million documents. Do not forget to see the transparent boxes on the inside where rare manuscripts are exhibited.


Design Bookshop&Cafee

Peaceful ambiance of design bookshop&cafe is suitable for people to relax. Take a break by mixing books and get inspired by different ideas when you are tired. You can work quietly on the top floor of the cafe which is especially avaliable for designers, architects and artists. When you get bored, you can watch the people by sitting on the table of entrance.


Collectif House Levent

On the third floor of the Collective House we do not exaggerate when we say that you have everything. Office with garden and balcony, massage session, breathing exercises, Monday breakfast, coffee from Geyik Coffee Roastery, workshops for start-ups… You can take advantage of all by selecting the membership model you need. KoLounge with its high ceiling garden event space and KoRoom is open to everyone.


Olmadık Projeler AtölyesiHızır Çavuş Mescidi Sok. No: 40 Balat – (0212) 635 70 60

The AllisEvliya Çelebi Mah. Meşrutiyet Cad. No: 56 Beyoğlu – (0212) 377 71 00

Beyazıt State LibraryTuran Emeksiz Sok. No: 6 Beyazıt – (0212) 522 31 67

Tasarım Bookshop & CafeNevzemin Sok. No: 6A Kadıköy – (0216) 418 39 38

Kolektif House LeventEsentepe Mah. Talatpaşa Cad. No: 5 Levent – (0212) 924 24 10

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