5 Places For Vegetarian and Vegan Tastes In Anatolian Side

5 Places For Vegetarian and Vegan Tastes In Anatolian Side

Even though Turkey is famous with all those kebabs and shish kebabs and doner and everything, there are also restaurants for vegan and vegetarian people too. We don’t call Istanbul the metropolitan city in vain.

Rulo Ezber Bozan Lezzetler 

Or with the Turkish name, Rulo Frame Breaking Tastes. It is located inside the Kadıköy and the place is among the cheapest and most delicious ones in the whole city. With its cheap wraps, you get to choose the ingredients inside of the wrap. And as a tip, falafel and vegetable patty are among the best things in that restaurant.


Mahatma Cafe 

Mahatma Cafe which is located at the Yeldeğirmeni with a rich menu for vegans and vegetarians is not just about the food with the olive oil, it also has special desserts and everything else that a vegetarian or vegan can dream of. With its colorful decor, it is not just for vegans too. You should taste the food of this place even though you are not vegan. Or just have a coffee maybe?


Komşu Kafe Kolektifi

As you can understand from the name, it is a collective restaurant. Without bosses, employees, priceless this cafe is the place of cooperation and friendship. It is a new cafe which opened in Yeldeğirmeni Kadıköy and inside of this beautiful structure, you will feel just like home. You can taste the vegan or vegetarian foods and you can even go to the kitchen to make yourself a tasteful dish. By having no price list or cheque, you can just pay whatever you want for your meal. And according to the collective members, you can leave without even paying for anything.


Pasaj Cook&Book

This one is among the places that have the best concepts. As you can still understand from the name, you can have delicious books and great books, or the vice versa. One can get confused in this place because of all the magnificent books and Mediterranean Cuisine. This restaurant doesn’t have any particular and stable menu so you can encounter different meals every time you go there.


Cafe Zapata

Cafe Zapata, which is located in Moda is one of the places that has many varieties of meals for vegan and vegetarian people. It became so popular lately, you can see long queues for their vegan food. It is also one of the cafes with a nice decorative atmosphere so you should just go there and pay a visit even though you are stuffed.


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