26 Things To Do In Istanbul!

26 Things To Do In Istanbul! – Don’t Leave Before Trying These

Istanbul is not just a metropolitan city on the contrary to the mainstream belief. Towns that are surrounding Istanbul can be a better option apart from the cities itself sometimes. In the point that both the history and nature combine, you will see extraordinary places and an unprecedented atmosphere. Even though our Sultanahmet Hotel, Sura Hotels is located in one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul, we still decided to prepare that list for the nature lovers and adventurous ones.

Here are the 26 Things To Do In Istanbul: 

  • Have a fish feast against to the Bosphorus at the Anadolu Kavağı and eat a Turkish donut ”lokma” afterward.
  • Drinking a real Turkish coffee while watching the turquoise colors of the Bosphorus at the Rumeli Kavağı.
  • Watching the sunset at the edge of Silivri and wishing for something good.
  • Take a long walk on barefoot in the Kumburgaz coast.
  • Play golf at the golf courses in Kemerburgaz.
  • Have a barbecue session at the ”self-catering” restaurants of Kilyos.
  • Attend to one of the night parties at the Kilyos Beach Club.
  • Have an enormous breakfast with everything from honey to fruits at Polonezköy on a Sunday morning.
  • Explore the caves in Ağva.
  • Buy homemade jams from Polonezköy.
  • Enjoy the silence and the view by staying at one of the riverside pensions in Ağva.
  • Go canoeing or ride a sea bike or just have a sandal tour at Ağva and let yourself go.
  • Have a bright red original Turkish tea at the Şile lighthouse.
  • See the Şile Castle.

İstanbula Yakın Yerlerde Mutlaka Yapılması Gerekenler

  • Try the raki and eat fish at the Burgazada.
  • Eat a ”kuyu kebabı” in Kalpazankaya Restoran, Burgazada.
  • Rent a sandal and go for a ride in the moonlight around the Prince’s Islands.
  • Have a real Sunday breakfast at the Büyükada Kültürevi with a classical music playing in the background.
  • Try the ice-cream with lemon flavor at the Büyükada dock.
  • Enjoy the phaeton ride in the Prince’s Islands.
  • Tour the whole Büyükada by bike and explore everywhere.
  • Climb the stairs of Hagia Yorgi Church and make a wish.
  • Try the famous ‘Palm’ of the Büyükada.
  • Try the fish-raki-meze trio at the Büyükada.
  • Spend a weekend at the bungalow houses in Rumelia Lighthouse and jump at the trampoline which is on the middle of the sea like a child.

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