15 Amazing Places Not Even Istanbulites Know About! Part 2

After Dandin Bakery, Madam Despina, Minoa Cafe Bookstore, Coffee Sapiens, Hatr-ı Kahve, Kavak Kılçıklı Balık, and Çukurcuma Cuma Cafe, we will continue with new places that even Istanbulites doesn’t know about.


Gizli Kalsın

The only hidden bar of Istanbul is waiting for us silently within a refrigerator of a pizza place located in Emirgan. Gizli Kalsın means ”Let it be a Secret” in Turkish and it seriously gives life to its name. Many regulars of this place tell the address of Gizli Kalsın to their very best friends from ear to ear. With a cute decoration located in Emirgan coast, you need to pass through a refrigerator of a  pizza place with three desks to see these decorations. Discovering this place is as fun as having been there. So you should definitely pay a visit to this concept bar and feel the secretness of the refrigerator.

Address: Pizza Emirgan, Emirgan Coast / Istanbul


Beykoz Sabancı Öğretmen Evi

Beykoz Sabancı Öğretmen Evi or the teacherage gives the opportunity of seeing the Istanbul from many views. But you should be careful since the view of Beykoz is good enough to make you fall in love with Istanbul and never go back to your hometown. And the secret place in which you can enjoy this view while thinking about your homeplace, is the Beykoz Sabancı Öğretmen Evi. With its lovely and peaceful arbor, the best Istanbul view and incredible terrace, you can watch the Rumelian Fortress or have a fish or coffee time in its winter garden.

Address: Küçüksu Street No:10 Anatolian Fortress Beykoz / Istanbul


Molla Aşkı Terası

Among the secret and shabby placesü one cannot forget the Molla Aşkı Terası. If you look closely to your surrounding area, you will realize that you have an incredible opportunity to watch many historical structures from the top. Many Istanbulites didn’t even hear the name of this place. It is a private service for our guests. Our advice for this lovely place is to have their private teas. Their teas are made with 40 different ingredients and you will definitely not get enough of these.

Address: Balat Coast 8.9 Balat / Karagümrük


Kardeşim Mantı

Kardeşim Mantı, which situated inside of the Emirgan, Çınaraltı and makes the world’s best Turkish ravioli without any dispute, is the address for many Istanbulites to eat the best mantı too. Even though it is famous with its ‘mantı’, many regulars praise their stuffed vine-leaves (sarma) and sauces which they put on the mantı.

Address: Mirgün quarter, Muvakkit Street No:14/1 Çınaraltı – Emirgan/Istanbul


Aşıklar, Abdallar ve Meczuplar Kafe

Which is located on the Vodina Street, Balat, this place will make you fall in love first with its name and then with its conversation inside. This cafe has a special place among others because they give volunteer and free courses to children who can’t go to the courses or have economically bad families. On the walls of this cafe, you can see many wooden carvings, tile plates, and Mevlevi Dervishes.

Address: Vodina Street, Balat / Istanbul

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